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Minneapolis, Minnesota -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/1/2006 -- Help for lottery players.

The science of numbers or numerology as it is called, makes the assumption that everything in the universe is numerically related and all things have their precise place. We find that in the world of technology, nothing that has taken place in the advancements of science has come into being without a relationship to mathematics or numbers in some way. With that, all things can be numerically identified, just as all things are numerically influenced.

A Minnesota base company using math processing computers and software for specifically separating the numeric data from the lottery drawing results into categories, Answers questions like which numbers are being drawn most often, which numbers have been drawn with them, which winning combinations are being drawn over and over again. It also tells you which numbers are overdue to win and which numbers are most likely to be drawn according to the lottery trends following the last drawing. There are additional categories like your lucky numbers according to astrology and numerology, which days and dates to play them on and how to interpret which numbers to play according to your dreams. Using algorithms from the chaos numeric theory, and Nostradamus gives you additional predictions to play. This information can increase a persons chances of winning prizes if not jackpots in games like POWERBALL. .Lucky Lottery Tip Sheets also provide you with the forms and numbers to play when starting your own personal lottery player’s pool.