CoolTrade Inc.: Robotic Stock Trading Revolutionizing Online Trading Industry; Subscriptions Increase 1300%


Scottsdale, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/3/2006 -- A little over a year after the release of its revolutionary automated trading platform, CoolTrade Inc. is scrambling to keep up with the growing number of subscribers looking to experience the power of fully automated robotic stock trading. With only limited advertising and relying mostly on word-of-mouth buzz, the company has increased its subscriber base by an astonishing 1300% over the past year.

So what is it about the CoolTrade software that has the trading community buzzing? The answer is an online trading platform kicked up more than a few notches. It looks and functions like any traditional trading platform but with an additional option: from market open to market close, the CoolTrade Robotic Trader monitors hundreds of market and stock conditions for buy and sell opportunities, robotically managing and executing each trade as conditions are met. Thus, it monitors and reacts to the myriad of market variables that a human could not possibly track yet affects the success of each trade. The profit potential of any trade is maximized when the power and speed of the personal computer is utilized to detect these conditions. Before any individual person relying on his charts and stock quotes could assimilate the market data and deduce any useful information from it, the artificial intelligence of the CoolTrade Robotic Trader has detected what is happening in the market and reacted. The speed and robotic nature of the CoolTrade application have online trading enthusiasts around the country excited. CoolTrade’s client base ranges from soccer moms, college students, and retirees to business owners and professional traders.

They say that imitation is the greatest form of flattery, and other companies, recognizing the potential for fully automated trading, have done just that. However, they haven’t quite hit the mark. In an effort to cash in on the technological trend that CoolTrade has pioneered, other companies have marketed software that offers some degree of automation, but does not begin to scratch the surface of real, intelligent, robotic trading. While these copycat companies charge thousands of dollars for marginally functional software, CoolTrade continues to offer their software at minimal rates in an effort to introduce the public to true robotic trading. “Our goal is to change the industry,” says CoolTrade CEO, Ed Barsano. ”The online investing community of traders has unknowingly been competing with the computers of large institutions and getting killed. The CoolTrade platform puts power in the hands of the individual investor and levels the playing field. For example, we want to make sure that when a market crash occurs, like the one in 2000, the robotic trader will see it and protect our traders from the degree of loss they experienced as a result.”

Mr. Barsano, a former Microsoft software design engineer, has spent the last five years refining the technology. Indeed this technology has the potential to sweep the country. Investors in the company itself see robotic automation as the next step in the evolution of online trading and predict CoolTrade will become the next Google or Ebay. That’s a tall order for CoolTrade but if subscribers continue to increase as they have been, that analogy may not be far off.

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