Arithmetic City

Arithmetic City Worksheets Deliver Value to Districts, Schools, and Teachers


Harrisburg, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/2/2006 -- Arithmetic City has released a line of arithmetic worksheets designed to help districts and schools increase student mathematic computational skills while appealing to budget conscience administrators. CEO of Arithmetic City, David Carr, commented, "We can outfit teachers, schools, and districts with classy, functional worksheets that showcase student achievement and convey a commitment to education.”

Arithmetic City provides a systematic approach for assessing student arithmetic knowledge. Worksheets combine arithmetic problem sets, a student-friendly format, and PDF production to form a unique systems-compatible solution for educational organizations, from small schools to large districts.

The mission statement of Arithmetic City is to provide educators with tools for gauging student arithmetic progress. Worksheets have been designed to challenge beginning, intermediate, and advanced students in basic math operations. Schools and teachers need quality worksheets to properly assess basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division skill knowledge.

Carr remarked that the PDF worksheets do not carry reoccurring costs to purchasers. “We charge one price one time for districts, regardless of the district’s size. The same goes for schools. We want our worksheets to be used by as many teachers as possible around the country.”

Arithmetic City uses a special production process to create the PDF worksheets. Carr explained, “Districts, schools, and teachers receive their worksheets as PDF documents through an email address. Districts and schools are encouraged to copy and distribute the electronic PDF documents to all teachers within the organization. Teachers can print worksheets at home or school to use with their students. The district or school name is printed at the top of each Arithmetic City worksheet.”

No paper is involved in the creation or distribution of the worksheets until printed by teachers. District and school purchasers receive a total of 2,400 student worksheets with accompanying answer sheets targeting beginning, intermediate, and advanced arithmetic skills. Progress charts are included that help teachers monitor worksheet completion. The pricing structure reflects the absence of using a workbook production company.

The web site,, features a section entitled “State Math Standards”. The page lists state math standards that align with Arithmetic City’s worksheets. Free worksheet samples, school and district purchase order information, and a Question and Answer section are also included on the company web site.

Carr is optimistic about Arithmetic City’s PDF worksheets. “I started in 1996 when I needed worksheets for my students. Since NCLB started in January 2002, I truly believe that now all teachers need skill-based worksheets for student practice and test. As educators, we understand the value of having practical, accessible, and accurate resources when we need them. Our goal is to continue providing useful education materials for classroom teachers.”