Dumbenoughtowork.Com Is Just What Advertisers Have Demanded


Santa Cruz, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/3/2006 -- DumbEnoughToWork.com recently announced the launch of a new campaign in marketing which, unlike traditional advertising, has news media eager to report on. For the first time, corporate customers, as well as average website advertisers, can have their ads promoted and sponsored by a unique 12 phase marketing plan, including guaranteed placement on two 2006 Dodge Viper sports cars to be shown across America.

The 12 phase website, www.dumbenoughtowork.com, will offer advertisers a direct source for building their company's image, increasing customers, media coverage, and a new wave of media centric advertising that is making Internet and advertising history. Additionally, dumbenoughtowork.com will focus its sales efforts with companies’ one on one to incorporate company sponsorships to various phases.

"The idea is simple and inexpensive, yet the return is phenomenal. Dumbenoughtowork.com offers all advertisers a direct source and a distinct alternative to the traditional advertisement routine," said Jon Simone, Co-Founder of Dumbenoughtowork.com. "In response to heightened advertiser demand for unique ways of advertising, we will continue to expand our new style of advertising to get into the eyes and ears of people around the world. The media will be there following our every move."

The newly launched website offers advertisement space at a mere one dollar for every pixel purchased, minimum of one hundred pixels. This one time fee guarantees the advertiser a place in the 12 phase marketing plan, in which each phase represents a new creative advertisement campaign. The site offers the trust of staying on the Internet for a minimum of ten years. However, as a part of advertisement history, the site founders say they have plans to keep it on the Internet forever, for all future generations to see and remember.

Dumbenoughtowork.com offers an impeccable marketing strategy that is guaranteed to continue to gain interest and will continue to expand, including new ways to promote and give back to the advertising community as an all in one marketing solution.

About Dumbenoughtowork.com
Dumbenoughtowork.com was launched in 2006 as an advertisement community based on the newest, most creatively fantastic ways to get advertisements into the public eye, and have it followed by close media attention. For more information, please visit www.dumbenoughtowork.com