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Multimedia Parrot Club Helps Parrot Owners to Teach Their Parrots to Talk


Porto, Portugal -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/3/2006 -- A web site providing multimedia streaming videos for parrot owners of all species has just been released. This web site, Elite Parrots Club (, provides videos and articles about teaching parrots to talk and every aspect of living with feathered friends. It includes a forum, chat rooms, members' video and image gallery and much more is included in this fun, interactive web site.

This parrot club includes real-time interaction with a parrot expert, Nora Caterino of Columbus, Mississippi, USA. Ms. Caterino brings over 20 years experience with parrots to provide accurate, informative answers to the many questions posted by members of this affordable subscription resource. Not only is advice from Ms. Caterino available, but parrot owners can share their own experiences, and trade information to help resolve common problems they may encounter.

This unique parrot training website features resources used by parrot owners world-wide as well as reviews of products used in the care of our feathered friends and the latest news regarding the parrot world. Stories of parrot antics, pictures of member's parrots, interviews with parrot owners, real-time chat sessions with Ms. Caterino and conference calls bring a sense of community to the global parrot community.

Features of the website include:

• Videos featuring parrot talking techniques
• Information about household safety and first aid
• The latest information about healthy diets for pet birds
• Transcripts of interviews with parrot owners all over the globe
• An area to chat with Ms. Caterino and other parrot owners
• Breeding, hand-feeding and weaning advice
• Product reviews
• Articles on parrot training, parrot behavior, health
• Galleries where owners can share videos and photos of their pets
• Forums on various parrot topics, including "Ask the Bird Lady" where Ms.
Caterino responds to questions and concerns of the parrot owners who are members
of the website

Among the many benefits to parrot enthusiasts are:

• Real-time advice from knowledge parrot owners and the in-house expert, Ms. Caterino
• Interaction with parrot owners world-wide
• A sense of global community
• A 24-hour, 7-day per week resource to the best, most accurate information anywhere
• A single source for news regarding subjects of concern such as Avian Flu and many other topics

During the years Ms. Caterino lived in Central Florida, she maintained an outdoor aviary and bred parrots for the pet market. Today, she lives with three small parrots. She has been published in parrot magazines - like Bird Talk - and has written three ebooks for parrot enthusiasts.

To learn how to become a member of this website, visit

Members access the website via For further information, contact Ms. Caterino at