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Unique Waterless Carwash Solution Now Available In the UK


Crawley, West Sussex, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/3/2006 --A brand new way of cleaning the car, motorbike, caravan, boat or any painted surface – is now produced and distributed by UK firm SJK Products Ltd. based in Sussex. Called Miracle Dry Wash, it is set to revolutionise the way people wash and polish their cars due to its low price, ease and speed of use and one other major factor - it needs no water. It is a totally waterless carwash and polish solution. Now there’s no need for a hosepipe, a bucket or any other equipment and neither will you get drenched in the process. It also means a huge saving to Britain’s water supply.

SJ Khebbal, founder and managing director, explains: “The UK is currently suffering from severe water shortages where some parts of Kent and Sussex are experiencing the driest conditions since the 1933-34 drought. The Environment Agency has warned that there could be serious consequences such as hosepipe and sprinkler bans to help manage supplies.

It has been estimated that, on average, a hand car wash uses 150-180 litres of water. I don’t need to do the maths for you. You can see the huge savings possible with Miracle Dry Wash as it needs no water yet gets great results.”

The product is extremely easy to use – it is essentially spray on, wipe off and it simply lifts dirt from the surface being washed, leaving a polished finish. It allows cars to be washed and polished anywhere, particularly where there is no access to water the middle of a field such as a caravan site; inside your own garage, particularly when it’s freezing outside, or in the car showroom. All that’s needed is a bottle of Miracle Dry Wash and two soft cloths. It is also cheaper than water-based car washing with a 500ml bottle, that gives up to 7 washes on a family-sized car, priced at only £9.99, which works out to be only £1.43 per wash. Needless to say, without hosepipes, buckets and Wellington boots etc, it also saves time. An average family car can be washed and polished in less than 35 minutes.

Miracle Dry Wash can be used on the exterior paintwork, glass and wheels of the vehicle.

“Another problem associated with traditional water-based car washing is the harm to the environment with detergents - more specifically surfactants – being washed down the drain. I find that people are unaware that street drains flow directly into their nearest river, so the detergents from washing their car is harming wildlife. I’m pleased to say that Miracle Dry Wash contains no harmful chemicals at all,” states Khebbal.

Miracle Dry Wash cleans the surface of the car without scratching because it lifts the dirt and grit from the surface as it dries, and suspends it within the specially formulated and unique compound, so that it does not come into contact with the bodywork again. It is then simply polished off. It can effortlessly remove road grime, tar, bird droppings and even tree sap.

The product is available from a growing range of stockists throughout the UK or can be purchased from the company’s online shop at

SJK Products has the purpose of making the lives of its customers easier while offering quality and value for money with their innovative products such as Miracle Dry Wash. They strictly control the quality of each bottle of Miracle Dry Wash and always seek to improve the quality of their products, working with their suppliers and customers, to achieve their quality goals.

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