RAM Technologies, Inc.

RAM Technologies, Inc. Celebrates 25 Years Serving Healthcare Industry


25 years ago the world was a different place. Ronald Reagan was starting his first term as President, MTV had not yet forged its way into America’s living rooms and information technology was another way of saying “can you pass me that floppy disk?” 25 years ago when other innovators were creating hair gel and unique flavored ice cream Robert Tulio of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania was putting his expertise in computer technology to work for health plans and benefit administrators. Twenty-five years ago RAM Technologies, Inc. was born.

Over the last quarter century a lot has happened. The information technology industry has experienced a growth spurt of exponential proportions, Generation X has let go of their skateboards and guitars in lieu of ThinkPad’s and iPods, and the whole world has plugged in, or so it would seem. Today, after the devastation of hurricanes and other natural disasters, information technology has become the pulse of the healthcare industry. Emergency health records, automated claims adjudication and e-health are today’s innovations, building blocks founded on the groundbreaking technologies developed by innovators at RAM Technologies.

2006 marks the 25th Anniversary of RAM Technologies providing information technology products and services to the healthcare industry. Established in 1981, the supplier of advanced applications has grown into a leader in the industry of healthcare software solutions. The first managed care system vendor to utilize relational database technology based on the ANSI X12 standards, RAM Technologies continues to bring leading-edge technologies to the healthcare industry by developing the most advanced J2EE applications. RAM offers two proprietary healthcare software products HEALTHsuite® and eHealthsuite™.

Fort Washington, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/3/2006 -- RAM Technologies, Inc. was incorporated in 1982 as a C-Corporation within the state of Pennsylvania. Until 1995, the Company was engaged primarily in the design, development and support of customized business software solutions for clients in the healthcare industry. In addition, RAM also provided consulting services, project management and computing administration to various clients.

In 1995, RAM Technologies established a Healthcare Products Division. 1995 also marked the launch of the first of RAM’s proprietary products HEALTHsuite®, a leading edge management information system designed for health care organizations. HEALTHsuite® is a core health care/benefits administration system with a full complement of functionality necessary to administer health benefits.

Recognizing the need in the health care market for Internet-based technology, RAM embarked on a major enhancement project in late 1999, to transition HEALTHsuite to a Java-based thin client solution. This effort was completed ahead of schedule and today RAM focuses on the sale and implementation of their innovative healthcare product offerings. Today, HEALTHsuite® continues to meet the needs of the health care industry with the release of version 6.0.

RAM Technologies has been dedicated to advancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the healthcare industry. In 2000, with the goal of helping health care organizations turn Internet opportunities into reality, the consumer-driven Internet application eHealthsuite™ was introduced. eHealthsuite™ is an e-health solution that provides real-time self-service capabilities via the Web allowing health plans to improve productivity and increase return on investment.

The accomplishments of Mr. Tulio and RAM Technologies have not gone unnoticed. As an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) in the mid 90’s, RAM Technologies was recognized by IBM as a leader in the field. Awarded IBM Business Partner status in 1995, RAM Technologies has continued to evolve and is presently an IBM Premier Business Partner, an IBM ServerProven® affiliate and an IBM Industry Optimized Independent Software Vendor.

IBM Premier Business Partners is an exclusive group of Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) who have a proven record of successful product development and outstanding customer service. To achieve IBM Premier status, a company must demonstrate excellence in their industry and maintain the highest levels of customer satisfaction. Premier level participation for ISVs is by invitation only and is reserved for the top three percent of IBM Business Partners.

RAM Technologies achieved “IBM Industry Optimized Status” as an advanced member of the IBM network. This relationship allowed RAM to leverage the many resources available within IBM’s programs to better serve their healthcare clients. RAM joined a select number of Business Partners worldwide who have achieved this level of involvement. Over 1,100 IBM Business Partners from around the world are engaged with IBM’s Healthcare and life science Partner World Industry Network. Of these 1,100 organizations, 340 have achieved Advanced membership status and only 29 of the Advanced members have earned the Industry Optimized moniker. These companies now have access to IBM’s rich set of technical and go to market resources.

Long before the Internet was a staple household service, long before every home had its own computer, RAM Technologies was bringing information technology to the forefront of the healthcare industry. For 25 years RAM Technologies has instilled their unique innovations to leading software solutions that serve health plans and benefit administrators. With a growing client base and an exhausting pursuit of excellence, RAM Technologies continues to forge ahead, building on the successes of its first 25 years and looking forward to continuing the tradition.

For more information on RAM Technologies you can visit on the web at www.ramtechnologiesinc.com or call (215) 654-8810.