RNY Achieve Goals

Weight-Loss Achievers Become BGLUZRS / New Website Supports RNY Big Losers


Fairborn, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/2/2006 -- Undergoing a Gastric Bypass Surgery is how many morbidly obese people are finding a cure to the plethora of health problems that plague the very overweight.

A very proud BGLUZR is Meloney Hall, founder of RNY Achieve Goals. After she underwent the Roux-en-y (RNY) gastric bypass bariatric weight-loss surgery in September 2002, she lost a total of 170 pounds in a brief 19-month period. When asked how she would sum up her experiences in one sentence, Meloney replies, “I consider this type of surgery to be a modern-day miracle for anyone who needs a tool to help them cure morbid obesity.”

Her new website, RNY Achieve Goals, was launched in late November 2005 and is specifically designed to support pre-operative and post-operative RNY patients. Her site is also helpful for those investigating the surgery. The site features a host of helpful information, links, products, and communication resources such as a chat room, message board, and forum. She offers a free Weekly Tips Newsletter that serves as a motivational support to her subscribers each week. A new RNY-friendly recipe is added each week on the website as well. Each new recipe is actually “tested” (cooked and served) to non-RNY connoisseurs who will give a “yummies UP or Down”. All recipes are made sugar-free, low sodium, and low fat; however, the testing connoisseurs are not aware of this, which makes their opinionated taste buds very valuable!

Meloney designed a line of products she has dubbed as her BGLUZR Things. She says, “While I was losing weight, I wanted others to know it, yet I couldn’t find anything clever to wear or display that would help me tell others about this amazing process.” This led to Meloney designing her own items that range from t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, tote bags, and many more items that can be worn or displayed. Her blog, Behind the Designs, specifically features all of her designs and gives readers some insight into how she came upon the idea behind a particular design. Some of her designs are “RUABGLUZR2?”, “This Body Made Possible by Downsizing”, “Becoming Half of Me Has Made Me Whole, “ and “Thanks, But I’d Rather Have Half” to mention a few. Meloney says of her designs, “When you wear a BGLUZR t-shirt, you’re like a walking vanity plate and people have a fun time figuring out what it means. And you don’t have to be a big loser in weight loss to wear a BGLUZR t-shirt… maybe people call you a BGLUZR for another reason? (chuckling)”

But the real purpose of her RNY Achieve Goals website is to support those who have had or will have the RNY procedure. Through her message board, the forum, chat room, and emails, Meloney is very available to help people on a one-to-one basis. And if they are local near the Dayton, Ohio area, Meloney often visits patients in the hospital. Others have said about Meloney’s accessibility, “She is simply incredible when it comes to supporting others! She’s like a good neighbor or beloved sister to everyone!”

Visit her website soon at http://www.rnyachievegoals.com