Pronunciation Workshop

Pronunciation Workshop Trains US Embassy Staffers in Iraq and Afghanistan


Highland Park, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/6/2006 -- LLC, a leader in American Accent Training, announced today that their DVD Video Training Program is helping the US fight the war on terrorism. Their unique English Pronunciation Training Course is being used to assist linguists and translators involved with the Saddam Hussein trial on improving their ability to speak English clearly and effectively. Staff members at the US Embassies in Iraq and Afghanistan, who speak numerous languages are using Pronunciation Workshop’s American Accent program to increase their capacity to speak English fluently and with correct pronunciation …in other words, to be understood.

“It’s very gratifying to know that our training is aiding in what some experience as a language barrier”, states Paul Gruber, speech language pathologist, CEO and founder of PronunciationWorkshop. “When we developed this course, I never envisioned that it would have such an immediate impact on today’s global relations”.

“There are so many languages spoken in that region –Arabic, Pashto, Turkish, Kurdish, to name a few; but English has always been the one universal language. Unfortunately, these speakers may have a good grasp of English, but they are often unintelligible. Our DVD training is the perfect vehicle to instruct speakers of English as a second language (ESL), how to use proper English pronunciation and learn to speak with an American Accent.”

Established in 2005, is becoming the leader in American Accent Training for speakers of English as a second language. It offers an effective and unique computer-based video training course available on DVD as well as via Digital Download over the Internet. All instruction is given by Paul Gruber, a nationally certified speech language pathologist and leading expert in the field of English pronunciation, foreign dialects and overall speech improvement. The program has received world-wide acclaim from international call centers, professionals, universities, actors, ESL students, teachers, human resource managers, training directors, embassies and governmental agencies.