Improvements to PDF Library for New Year


London, England, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/6/2006 -- BFO (Big Faceless Organization), a premier provider of java reporting solutions, has started the New Year with improvements to its flagship product, the Big Faceless PDF Library.

BFO has increased support for XML Forms Architecture (XFA) by adding the ability to extract the XFA forms data from a document. Also speed improvements for rendering PDFs containing bitmap images to sRGB, as well as text extraction from PDFs containing bitmap images have been implemented in the latest version of the PDF Library 2.6.6.

A fully functional version of the Big Faceless PDF Library can be downloaded from BFO’s website for a time unlimited trial using demo stamped software.

About BFO: BFO is a global provider of Java based reporting solutions founded in 1998. They produce a stable of robust Java components for the international B2B market. Products include the Big Faceless Report Generator, Graph and PDF Library. The client portfolio includes Boeing, Lehman Brothers, Harvard University, HSBC, Fannie Mae, Roche, Toyota and US Department of Energy.