Clients with Technical Support Issues Appreciate Video Conferencing.


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/8/2006 -- Consumer studies have found that customers trust a company whose technical support team is reliable. Further, they'll continue to use a product or service long term and, more importantly, they'll also make word-of-mouth recommendations. So jazzing up customer support isn't just a nice thing to do - it's good business.

One way to provide better technical assistance is by using EnergizeTV's LIVE!™ group video conferencing system. Customers with video-capable desktop PCs are reassured at the sight of a technical support person analyzing a problem and walking through the recovery process. The LIVE!™ system gives Tech Support Teams the ability to show demos and make presentations - visually demonstrating what must be done to solve customer problems; this builds rapport.

Technical Support teams have traditionally been unable to benefit from group video conferencing due to the high cost. Some web conferencing firms charge $4500 for a 1-hour, 150 person video conference, but EnergizeTV's Flash-based technology allows it to offer a similar system, on a 24/7 basis, for a $720 annual fee.

Don't let customers use a static, automated (and frustrating) online system. Give Tech Support more pizzazz - let the team meet customer needs and answer questions more efficiently with less cost:

· Communicate in real-time via a video conference.
· Illustrate and analyze problems using the whiteboard feature.

The LIVE!™ Suite includes a “Video Recorder” (10 hour archive of streaming video) and two video conference rooms: a 50-person “Meeting Room” and a 150-person “Presentation Room” for interactive slide presentations (www.energizetv.info).

Don't waste time with trial-and-error troubleshooting based on vague descriptions of user problems. LIVE!™ expedites the problem solving process:

· More people, less time, greater accuracy.
· Significantly briefer support appointments.
· Quicker problem identification and resolution.
· Fewer complaints and complications.
· Reduces call volume growth.
· Less chance of technical errors.
· Record sessions to track histories.
· Make team decisions in real-time.
· Demonstrate solutions.

Lee Matthews, president of EnergizeTV, stated: "You can't beat a video conference for conveying information. If your technical support team is struggling, our LIVE!™ system provides an additional tool to manage, troubleshoot and solve customer issues quickly and effectively. Good technical support keeps your clients happy and a happy customer is a repeat customer…”

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