Valentines Day Love Letter Writing Guide


Galloway, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/10/2006 -- According to a recent U.S. survey by Passion Marketing Research Associates, 62% of the female respondents say “their most cherished gift on Valentines Day would be a letter in the handwriting of their beloved.” But what are the chances they’ll receive one?

To help men and women get what’s in their heart on paper, Renee Michaels, owner of SweetLoveGifts, an anniversary gift web site, wrote a simple, online “how-to” guide that gives different approaches to writing a love letter.

“Most men and women don’t feel they can write a meaningful love letter,” says Renee. “There’s thousands of online searches every month for ‘free love letters’ and ‘sample love letters,’ but the most wanted love letter is an original one. The recipient will know immediately if a love letter was written or not by their sweetheart. It’s not going to mean as much if it’s not your own words of love.”

“Too many people think that they need to pretzel themselves into a romantic poet when they attempt to write a love letter and give up before they start. The easiest way to accomplish writing one is to simply be yourself. If you aren’t the romantic mushy type, then don’t force yourself to write a mushy letter,” she says.

Ms. Michaels studied lyric writing with Lou Stallman, co-writer of the hit song “It’s Gonna Take A Miracle.” One of the most important concepts she learned from him was “that love and emotions are just air—you have to add the furniture.” She describes how to apply this idea to write an original love letter that will be truly cherished.

She realizes that there are those who might still feel overwhelmed by writing one and gives alternate recommendations such as creating a “love list” and provides ideas for that. Another idea she suggests is to take a poem or song and customize it to use either as a love letter or to have a lot of fun and perform their personalized song karaoke style or to recite their poem for a loved one.

Her free, printable love letter and “Top 10” list backgrounds make it easy for anyone to “wow” their partner on Valentines Day, an anniversary or “just because.”

The Love Letter Writing 101 guide can be found at http://www.best-wedding-anniversary-gift-ideas.com/love-letter.html and is also available as a free PDF, so readers can print and use the information offline.