BioPerformanceFuel is out to Fight Back on Fuel


Fill up! Drive Further! Spend Less!

Willoughby, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/9/2006 -- Since BioPerformance, Inc. based in Dallas, TX went LIVE at 8 PM (CST) on Thursday, December 8, Sales have risen to record sales of $2,935,618.00 with over 7,279 people chosen to enroll, 891 people will be receiving their first commission check and $1,784,040.50 in commissions have already been earned! According to many Industry professionals BioPerformance has set new records in the Network Marketing Industry! December is normally the lowest month of sales in most Network Marketing companies, but BioPerformance projected to do $1 Million in sales within its first 30 days in business. This was accomplished. The company is poised to become a Fortune 500 Company with a mission to create 1,000 millionaires. It is a product driven company that has an exclusive product that everyone needs and wants now.

BioPerformance Inc. has introduced their exclusive product, BioPerformance Fuel. This product can give consumers up to 35% or more savings on fuel. The company does not in any way guarantee anyone any income, and it doesn't guarantee anyone any results using the product. If you so desire, people can simply use the product and see first-hand what kind of results they will get. The same is true with building a business with BioPerformance, Inc. Any and all testimonies are not intended directly or indirectly to guarantee you in any way with similar savings. The testimonies have not been proven in any way by BioPerformance, Inc. to be true, because they are simply people sharing their results from using BioPerformance Fuel. The testimonies are valuable replies from your fellow Americans. Each reply is believed to be true in its content. These stories are not backed by independent research, so you must evaluate them for yourself and then let BioPerformance hear your own story.

The mission of BioPerformance, Inc. is to reduce pollution, conserve fuel, reduce the demand for fuel, therefore reducing the price of fuel and create 1,000 millionaires. BioPerformance, Inc. has exclusive rights on its product in the USA. Contact web site is is www.BioPerformanceFuel.Us. In accordance with American Legislation, this product is registered with the ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY of the Federal Government of the United States of America. EPA 40-CFR 79.23 NO. 1932-0001. Registration of this product does not constitute endorsement, certification, or approval by any agency of the United States.

To participate in BioPerformance and/or purchase its product, you must contact an Independent Business Owner, which currently totals 7,279 people, a significant increase since December 8, 2005 of 1,339. BioPerformance, Inc. has already shipped product to people in every state in America, including Alaska and Hawaii. The company projected to do over $1 Million in business within their first 30 days. This was accomplished. It\'s first week of sales, incalculable market potential and extremely bright future is impressive to anyone.

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