Resellular provides New Online Service to get College Students out of their Cell Phone Contracts


Dropping Calls? Drop your Contract! - can get YOU out of your Cell Phone Contract without Fees

El Paso, Texas -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/7/2006 -- has just made public its new online service which gets cellphone users out of their contracts without having to pay those hefty early termination fees. The service creates an online marketplace for people to post and take over remaining contracts, which the original owner does not want anymore.

Resellular, which launched this month, takes advantage of an unadvertised service that almost all cellular providers offer called a "contract transfer". Also known as a "transfer of liability", this service fully transfers the remaining cellphone contract from one person's name to another. Up to this point, most people aware of the service have offered their contracts to familiy and friends...but what if you could offer it to millions of consumers looking for a contract with less commitment?? Resellular is the answer! Resellular has created a central meeting place for people to get out of their contracts, and into ones with as little as 2-months commitment!

The service works by letting contract holders post a profile of their remaining contract on the website for a one time fee $8.99. The contract profile consists of such things as the carrier, monthly minutes, monthly cost, and whether or not you are willing to give your phone to interested parties. At this point, the contract will be viewed for free by thousands of consumers looking for a cell phone contract with much less commitment than the industry standard 2-years. Once, a consumer sees a contract they like, they can contact the contract-holder via the website and ask that the contract be transfered in their name. After that, its only a matter of signing a few papers acknowledging the transfer and thats it! One person leaves a contract without paying $250 in early termination fees, and the other leaves with a great deal on a phone contract with far less commitment and no activation fee!

"The idea for Resellular came along when I became unsatisfied with my cellular service in my area and had now where to turn", says 23 year old founder Joseph Armstrong. " I was aware of the 'transfer of liability' service that my carrier provided, but no one I knew was interested in taking over my contract. Thats when I came up with the idea for an online marketplace for consumers like me, who want to take advantage of smaller contracts and no termination fees. There are a lot of us out there, and so it was no surprise to see the overwhelming response we've seen thus far".

So if your looking to get out of your contract, or just looking for a smaller one, is the perfect place to make your contract connection!.
Contact: Joseph Armstrong