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Canada’s Management Magazine Includes TR Cutler’s “Rethinking Lean”


Ft. Lauderdale, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/10/2006 -- Lean processes are introduced in companies to eliminate waste. Considering how effective the process has been for many companies, it’s somewhat surprising to learn that only about 61% of Canadian manufacturers have introduced a lean process into their operations. Of that 61%, many confess that the effort has been cursory, managing to deal with only surface issues at best.

Thomas R. Cutler suggests that manufacturers are rethinking lean. Before investing in more technology, manufacturers are making sure the processes in place are working at, or close to, capacity. Canada’s Management Magazine contains more of Cutler’s assertions and can be read at

According to Cutler, “The road to fulfilling a lean initiative begins with a willingness to do some serious housecleaning. Some do this cursorily, derive quantifiable improvements, and suggest that they have achieved their lean objective. However, a lean process has to be a continuous process of improvement if it is to succeed. After cleaning a section of the manufacturing house, it’s time to ferret out the dirt and dust throughout the rest of the enterprise. The bottom line is that if a lean program doesn’t touch all areas of the business, it won’t succeed.”

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