Pixel Ads: The Next Generation Internet Advertising Solution


Mississauga, ON, Canada -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/15/2006 -- For businesses looking at cost effective ways and means to advertise on the Internet, pixel advertising is the answer. Pixel advertising is sweeping through the Internet and quickly headed towards becoming a popular trend.

Offering more value for marketing needs, was launched on February 1st 2006 by SynthSys; a Mississauga based Internet Solutions Company. According to Founder and Managing Partner, Nelson Rebelled, businesses that have advertised early with some of the pixel websites are enjoying an explosion of traffic to their websites with increased sales.

The revolutionary new concept is extremely simple. The entire web page is divided into pixels. The pixels you buy are linked directly to your website, blog or affiliate link so that when somebody clicks on them they will be taken to that site. Hundreds of curious people visit sites every day and click on the pixel adverts to see where they go.

Nelson explained, "Most online advertising is based on either per-impression or per-click. This means, once you get your purchased impressions or clicks, your ad campaign will stop and you will not receive any traffic unless you purchase more traffic". With, you get unlimited impressions and clicks to your website.

The company announced today that 15% of all revenue generated on will be donated to the charity of your choice. spotadeal offers advertisers two exciting plans, depending on the plan clients choose, the cost works out to be just 4 cents (CAD) a day!. Since ads are guaranteed to be on till 2011, by purchasing some pixels you can enjoy a big increase in traffic at a very low price!