Huge Government HDTV Rebates Available to Entrepreneurs


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/13/2006 -- Congress has approved billions of dollars in tax breaks in the past decade, all with the goal of getting more money into the pockets of its citizens. Unfortunately, millions of taxpayers routinely overlook these new tax laws. Savvy taxpayers - the ones who realize that small business owners are entitled to a myriad of tax deductions that the average person isn't qualified for - have begun to access these additional deductions by simply starting a business.

Sandy Botkin, former IRS attorney turned tax strategist and Brightbox™ WealthYOUniversity faculty member, stated: “We have two tax systems in this country. One for employees, which is designed to take your wealth on dollar one - and - one for self-employed individuals, who are taxed on their net after all deductions have been taken, which is designed to create economic growth.” (

Taking advantage of these huge tax savings is easy - simply covert personal expenditures into deductible business expenses. Many business expenses are readily apparent: phones, faxes and automobiles. Yet some, like a high definition television (HDTV), are easily overlooked.

Before reaching for a credit card, make sure the HDTV purchase can be justified as a business need - a businesses plan is the simplest way of providing this justification. Also, record keeping is an integral part of proving that a High Definition TV is being used appropriately - maintain a usage log to document that the HDTV is a necessary and integral part of generating business income.

With Brightbox™:

· Any business that uses an Internet web site for marketing can use a Brightbox™ to display a business presentation in the comfort of a living room on a - very impressive - HDTV.

· Individuals can qualify by simply marketing the set-top box.

Lee Matthews, President of IncomeHarvest, stated: “Brightbox™ has strong partnerships, $47,000 in unique business & personal development content, a growing community and a business model that takes advantage of the natural actions of consumers and the rapidly growing direct sales model.”

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Brightbox, Inc. delivers both hardware and content for Internet TV and home entertainment. It also offers a marketing referral program.

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IncomeHarvest, established in 2005, develops a global network of home-based businesses to market Brightbox™ - a TiVo-like “convergence” device which functions as both a Personal Video Recorder (PVR / PDR / DVR) and Media Center. Brightbox™ supports video conferencing, Karaoke and The Learning Network™. IncomeHarvest also introduces personal and business development programming to Television and the Internet by matching content providers with businesses seeking an expanded Internet-TV presence.

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