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Ann Arbor, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/17/2006 -- Domain Name Portal Forum ( ) now deployed to provide 50% Google Adsense (tm) revenue sharing, daily dropped domain name lists, showcase of selected member's web sites and provide free domain name reviews, domain articles, and tutorials for ICANN(tm) accredited domain registrars, domainers (domain owners), domain resellers and domain auctioneers.

It seeks to bring out a domain-centered community where people directly and indirectly involved on domain business, web development and internet marketing convene and share their domain expertise and learn from each other.

Mr. Peter Chang, owner and admin of Domain Name Portal ( ) is currently majoring in Computer Networks and has pending Ph.D in Computer Science and Engineering this year. Mr. Peter Chang is also the brains behind Domain Name Portal ( ) since September 2005.

Fully supported by his staff of moderators namely: Jaswinder Rattanpal aka jaswinder_rana, William Nabaza aka Weblord and Colin aka Inxi. Who are in themselves experts and specialists in their own field directly and indirectly related to domain communities, seo, and programming. Fully harnessed in their ability by the owner, admin and forum leader Mr. Peter Chang aka dnp.

As Mr. Peter Chang said "I am not ambitious enough to project any significant impact of our forum on the forum industry. One thing I can say, though, is that as long as you have genuine interest in some subject, and are willing to spend time on it regularly, you really can build your own forum."

Who also have great knowledge about the forum's topics and a great believer in teamwork, friendliness and hospitality can attract people to the forum itself.

As clearly depicted when Mr. Peter Chang said "We put the greatest effort into bringing in "good" members to our community. We have been recruiting people who can share their expert knowledge and experience with our members, and we plan to keep up with our effort."

Please don't hesitate to contact the owner/admin:
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Owner/Admin: Mr. Peter Chang
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PO. Box 130694, Ann Arbor, MI 48113-0694
Contact number: 734-763-9208
Fax number: 1-814-680-2655

Domain Name Portal ( ) hosted in California, U.S.A., experts in everything that has to do with domains, domains marketing, auctions and domains-seo. Email the owner Mr. Peter Chang ( ) for a knowledgeable domain experience or better register for free and post your questions at