Online Mortgage Calculators Make Sure That You Work Less And a Financially Conscious Customer Makes a Decision for Your Benefit!


Yaroslavl, Russian Federation -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/21/2006 -- Mortgage-Site-Tools today announces a new version of Online Mortgage Calculators. Now, when money borrowers tend to be quite financially conscious and selective in their choice of lenders, Online Mortgage Calculators become an essential element in any kind of online loan business. Today, we announce the release of a new smart set of calculators, which can be integrated into virtually any website within several minutes. This product comes in two versions: a new PHP version and an ASP.Net version.

An ASP.Net version comes as the DLL assembly and implemented as a set of web-controls with a limited design-time support. PHP version gives you freedom in creation of your own visual style (with help of Smarty template engine, for example). Both versions are similar in their basic feature lists, yet new PHP version has a special opportunity to print resulting forms in PDF-files, which are fully-customizable. This apparently helps your client not only to analyze the whole situation with his/her mortgage loan, but also ensures that the client does not forget your contact information, which is included into each form’s heading.

Online Mortgage Calculators are fully-rebrandable and can fit any website, which can be done by means of simple CSS file replacement (Cascade Style Sheets support). Having this package integrated into your website, you take care that your client just doesn’t need to leave your site to perform all these bulky calculations. All data is generated right on the server, therefore there is no need for a client to install Java framework and there is certainty in steady work of your client’s browser when loading and executing a Java application. Online Mortgage Calculators are available with a full source code and have no links to external websites.

Apart from that, we need to mention a multilanguage support (you can translate the site’s interface into any language – at present we have English support only) and mortgage amortization table, which is added to each calculator. Needless to say that this helps to get the most detailed loan calculations picture. Our package lets you change the currency symbols and interest compounding periods regarding your country, which is especially convenient.

Online Mortgage Calculators at a Glance:
• Easy integration into any website (CSS support);
• Print of resulting forms (PDF-files in PHP version);
• A variety of specialized calculators;
• Mortgage amortization table in each calculator;
• Steady work of your client’s browser;
• Multilanguage support;

Pricing and Availability
Online Mortgage Calculators run under any major OS (for PHP version) and Windows 2000+ (for ASP.Net version). Calculators Pack Enterprise license costs $399.95 (USD) for PHP version and $599.95 (USD) for ASP.Net version. You can purchase this license, if you have more than five mortgage-related sites or you want to create services for others, based on our financial calculators. Standard license with installation costs $119.95 (USD) for PHP version and $179.95 (USD) for ASP.Net version. Order installation services along with the license if you are not confident with scripts installation or just want to outsource this task. Calculators Pack Standard license costs $99.95 (USD) for PHP version and $149.95 (USD) for ASP.Net version. This license is most suitable for your needs, if you are a mortgage broker or real-estate website owner. Registered customers will receive all new calculators free of charge. Online product demo is available at