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Lockheed Martin Selects SiberSafe S1000D CMS for MULE Project


Toronto, ON, Canada -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/17/2006 -- SiberLogic, a leading provider of innovative XML content technology, today announces that Lockheed Martin [NYSE: LMT] has selected SiberSafe S1000D, the company’s XML/RDF/OWL-based Content Management System, to manage the Interactive Electronic Technical Manual (IETM) documentation on the Multifunction Utility/Logistics and Equipment (MULE) vehicle project in support of the U.S. Army’s Future Combat System.

S1000D, an international specification for the procurement and production of technical publications, is used worldwide by a variety of commercial and government entities for the development of technical documentation. SiberSafe S1000D was selected as a comprehensive Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) solution for the creation, management, delivery, and maintenance of Lockheed Martin’s MULE IETM documentation.

Lockheed Martin’s MULE is a mission configurable, unmanned, semi-autonomous 2.5 ton class wheeled platform. The MULE offers an extraordinary capability that will support the U.S. Army’s transformation to a lighter and more mobile fighting force. The MULE’s unique mobility, based upon a highly advanced 6x6 independent articulated suspension, will enable it to go anywhere the Soldier can go and more. Implementation of the S1000D standard for the MULE IETMs will enable future soldiers to more readily access and use the technical data for training, maintenance, and repair.

"SiberSafe S1000D is a natural choice for the development of technical documentation that relies heavily on re-usable Data Modules, as is true of Lockheed Martin's MULE variants," says Alex Povzner, SiberLogic CEO. "SiberLogic is at the forefront of new, advanced technologies, and SiberSafe is the only product on the market today that combines semantic knowledge modeling with a robust, feature-rich CMS, resulting in exceptional support for S1000D-compliant documentation."

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