H2Om Water

World Introduction of “H2Om” Intention Infused Water


Studio City, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/17/2006 -- World Sound Healing Day - H2Om LLC, today announced the introduction and distribution of the world’s first “vibrationally charged” bottled water.

H2Om is a crystal clear natural spring water brand infused with the power of intention through words, music and thought. It resonates with the vibrational frequencies of “Love” and “Perfect Health,” the first two varieties to be offered.

According to worldwide studies, water registers and faithfully transmits any frequency it is exposed to. Water is directly effected by the words, sounds and thoughts it is exposed to. For example, water exposed to loving words and music shows brilliant, and complex crystallized patterns under the microscope at near freezing temperatures. Examples of this were seen in the hit film, “What the Bleep!”). Inspired by these worldwide studies, H2Om “Water with Intention”™ was created.

“Our vision for H2Om is to send the powerful vibration of Love and Perfect Health out into the world while donating a portion of our profits to world water education foundations and Earth healing charities,” according to H2Om co-founder Sandy Fox.

Several distinctive energetic frequencies are infused in each bottle of H2Om, using words, thought, music and human interaction. Initially, the label itself provides intention. Utilizing words, symbols and colors on the label. Each bottle also contains the symbol of the “Om,” a primordial frequency. The words “Love” or “Perfect Health” are written on the label in many of the world’s languages. A specific color vibration has also been chosen for each bottle, which coordinates with a corresponding chakra. After the bottling process is complete H2Om LLC charges the water in the storage facility with sound and music with intent.

A final energetic frequency is the power of thought - The consumer’s individual ability to connect to the water and literally, “Drink” the vibration inspired and supported by the words on the label. This vibration reverberates in the body and out into the world. From these principles come the H2Om slogan, "Think it while you drink it." ™

“Now is a very important time for the planet. People finally have the capacity to understand and practice amazing forms of energy work and spiritual connectedness. You no longer have to be a Guru to resonate with the fundamental energies that shape our inner desires and happiness. H2Om water with intention, offers individuals an opportunity to receive loving healthy intent, and visualize the water they’re drinking to be absolute purity, absolute love, absolute perfect health. They then carry that vibration with them throughout the day,” according to Lex Lang co- founder and CEO.

Newly released statistics by Beverage Marketing Corporation show U.S. bottled water sales and consumption continuing to rise as consumers increasingly choose bottled water over other commercial beverages. This upward trend was reflected in 2003 category volume of nearly 6.4 billion gallons, a 7.5 percent increase over 2002, and a 2003 bottled water consumption level of 22.6 gallons-per-capita, compared to 21.2 gallons per capita the previous year. These statistics demonstrate continued consumer demand and appreciation for the convenience and good taste of bottled water brands consumed on-the-go, during exercise, at restaurants or meetings, and at home or the office.

“While all beverages have their place in a marketplace with an abundance of drink choices,” says Stephen R. Kay, IBWA Vice President of Communications, “consumers are choosing bottled water as a refreshing, hydrating beverage and as an alternative to other drinks that may contain calories, caffeine, sugar, artificial colors, alcohol or other ingredients.”