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Stage-Gate Inc. Launches New Product to Help Companies Accelerate The implementation Of an Authentic Stage-Gate Product Innovation Process.


Ancaster, ONTARIO, Canada -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/2/2006 -- Stage-Gate Inc., a Member Company of the Product Development Institute, today announced the release of their latest product, SG Navigator™ Web Format.

The Gold Standard for Product Innovation, the Stage-Gate® Process, is now available in a highly visual web interface making it easier for companies to adopt the widely acclaimed process. “We follow the voice of our customers when developing new products” says Michelle Jones, Vice President of Product Management. “Our clients want us to share everything – the 20+ years of empirical research and all that we’ve learned from our consulting engagements and implementation experience with thousands of clients. They want it all packaged into a nicely organized, instructional website that is easily navigated so everyone in their organization can learn about Stage-Gate and more easily apply it within the company.”

The new product, SG Navigator™ Web Format, is designed with one goal in mind – to guide each key player (ranging from decision maker to team member) through all of the critical activities from idea through to successful product launch (ranging from marketing to technical, business analysis and financial activities), following the authentic Stage-Gate model. “This product helps to get all of the players on the same page and very quickly” notes Jones.

According to Dr. Robert G. Cooper, approximately 50% of all corporate resources are spent developing new products that ultimately fail in the marketplace or worse yet, never materialize into a product. An effective Stage-Gate process is a critical step in improving your NPD performance.

For more information visit or to schedule a personal presentation of SG Navigator™ Web Format, contact Valerie Sather at 905.304.8797 or by email at

About Stage-Gate Inc.
Stage-Gate Inc., a member company of the Product Development Institute, is mandated very specifically to enable product innovators to become better product innovators. Our international team of Product Innovation Experts and Consultants are mentored by Drs. Cooper and Edgett and understand the complex challenges organizations face. We help companies achieve product innovation through our world-class products and services.

Through its close working relationship with the Product Development Institute, Stage-Gate Inc. has access to the world’s most comprehensive research into best practices in Product Innovation. This research has led to some of the most important discoveries in the innovation field; such as, Stage-Gate®, the NewProd™ Studies, and the concept of Portfolio Management.