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Oxy-Gasoline Cutting Torches Challenge Acetylene and Propane, oPetrol Leads Cutting Torch Revolution


Beijing, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/21/2006 -- oPetrol, a Chinese manufacturer, has developed oxy-liquid fuel cutting torches, welding torches and blowing torches, an revolutionary product that offers a unique franchise business opportunity.

“Our liquid fuel cutting torches may prove to be one of this century’s most promising products because it could rewrite the history of acetylene and propane in heat treat applications.” says flora Miao, the company’s president.

Shipbuilding & Demolition, Farm Shops, Scrape Yard, Machinery Works, Steel Mills, Mines, Fire Rescue, Glassware Mills, Marble Mills, Car Reparation, Construction, Tube and Pipe, all the sectors will benefit from our new cutting torch.

oPetrol cutting torches use regular gasoline or kerosene as fuel. 3 quarts of gasoline (3 liters ) cuts as much steel as one cylinder of 7kg acetylene! That's about $3.00 worth of cutting fuel compared to $40 to $100 for acetylene. The saving on fuel cost is 90% and even more.

Gasoline from any gas station can be used as fuel. A 2 gallon gasoline tank weights only 20lbs (9kg) when it is full of fuel while a acetylene cylinder weights over 200 lbs easily. That makes our torches very smart for all users, especially for outdoor reparation team and hobbyists.

An alternative to oxy-acetylene or oxy-propane cutting torches, oPetrol oxy-liquid fuel cutting torches are tremendously fuel economical, safe, handy, cutting fast and clean. Still more, it is environmentally friendly.

With all oPetrol torches, there is no back flash into the fuel line because of the nature of liquid fuel. It gives the users a lot more confidence.

To make the gasoline storage safe, oPetrol has designed a fuel tank that is filled with a kind of explosion resistant material. The tank will not explode even when it is bullet shot. Light a flame at the gasoline filler of the oPetrol tank, is like striking a lighter for cigarette.

There is little contamination left behind the cutting operation. Gasoline is a environmental friendly fuel. The presence of oxygen in the cutting flame makes the combustion complete and induce little pollution.

Acetylene has been used in steel cutting and other heat treat operations for many decades. Acetylene is very hazardous and energy costly. It is also notorious for its pollution.

Attempts to find a better fuel to replace acetylene have been made in many countries for nearly a century. Propane has been promoted in some countries. But the heat affected zone of propane cutting torch is very wide and the cut is not so satisfactory. Acetylene is still the most commonly used fuel acceptably precise for fabrication work.

oPetrol cutting torch cuts everything an acetylene torch cuts and has all the strength of an acetylene cutting torch in performance. It cuts fast and clean. The heat affected zone is very smaller compared to acetylene cut. On top of it, oPetrol torch cuts multiple layers through air gaps, dust and dirt.

oPetrol has successfully developed cutting torches, welding torch and blowing torch. We have also torches for CNC cutting machines. In the future we will have torched developed for every specific applications. This makes it possible for oPetrol oxy-liquid fuel torches to replace completely acetylene. The whole world will benefit from the energy saving oPetrol product.

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