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Taking Advantage Of A Ten Million Dollar Grant Just Got Easier


Stateline, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/21/2006 -- It’s every security directors and agency chiefs nightmare when it comes to their budget. Having to make every department within each agency work with the funds they receive is more than what most officials really want to bare. These agencies must be able to run like any other corporate business, except, they don’t sell anything to make a profit as most businesses do. They must rely on what they get. They must rely on funding from outside sources such as grants.

The ComAlert alert system was introduced, giving cities, municipalities, and ordinary citizens a vital communication tool to be used for emergencies. And now, to assist cities and law enforcement agencies in signing up, ComAlert has secured over ten million dollars in grant money specifically earmarked to allow cities to initially sign up and take advantage.

ComAlert has made it even more simple and convenient for these agencies to access the system by signing up online. It’s Fast, Secure and Convenient.

Samuel Anderson, CEO and Managing Partner of ComAlert, is very optimistic that the money will help bring cities aboard: “What this does is it allows us to offer the ComAlert system to any sized city or municipality and get them to sign up. Typically, when a city or town is asked to pay for anything, there are meetings, requests, and forms for even the smallest dollar amount.

This grant money allows cities to bypass that and just sign up with no strings attached.”

The current registration is so easy; it will allow any agency to have a full sign-up and training of the ComAlert System within 24 hours. Weekends not included unless requested. A personal ComAlert representative will be assigned to each department/agency and walk-through training will be administered to train the persons responsible for the ComAlert System.

That’s not all Samuel Anderson is providing. He is also providing the means to supply Fingerprint Scanners to those departments and organizations that don’t have the means to purchase expensive equipment to register children:

“We intend to go the extra mile and make this become a reality. It’s time to start using technology we already have to advance in areas of critical need”.

“Nothing needs to be kept outdated any longer, let’s move forward and put it to use”.

About Samuel Anderson and ComAlert

Samuel Anderson is the Managing Partner of Tekbrokers VENTURES, LLC, which develops cutting edge products and puts patient, intelligent and experienced capital to work. ComAlert is a result of a marriage of vision and technology, and is a leader in emergency communications. To learn more, visit the ComAlert website at