Mobile Marketing Company, EventPro, Launches its New Website


Indianapolis, IN -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/27/2006 -- Mobile marketing tours are powerful tools for introducing new products and technologies directly to potential customers. An easy opportunity to explore the concept of mobile marketing, EventPro's website also reveals secrets to financing a mobile marketing tour.

While also utilizing the latest marketing tactics, the most successful companies continue to rely on one of the longest lasting, proven methods -- mobile marketing. These companies understand the dramatic impact they can make with a mobile marketing tour. EventPro's new website presents all the various concepts, principles, strategies and tools used to build personal relationships with soon-to-be loyal customers.

By reaching out directly to a target audience, a mobile marketing tour serves a two-fold purpose. It not only permits the unveiling and demonstration of new products and technologies, it sends a message that customers remember: "making your life easier by bringing our product to you." Mobile marketing tours are a preferred strategy for many high-tech companies because of this simple fact. They allow sophistocated or uniquely new technologies to be demonstrated directly to those who would be inclined to initially use them. By educating this level of consumer using a direct approach, the marketing message will spread thereafter in the form of a testimonial ... one of the most effective methods of advertising on a per-dollar basis. In addition, knowledge of the product's purpose and operation is passed along at the same time.

The new website from EventPro demonstrates this power of mobile marketing and provides solutions for companies interested, but uncertain about costs. With its creation, this website allows EventPro to be consistent with its message. It intends to bring mobile marketing to its customers.

A leader in the mobile marketing and event management industry for over a decade, EventPro's name has become synonymous with mobile marketing tours and custom trailer construction. Their work can be viewed at http://www.eventpro.com

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