Corporate Event Planning Website Unveiled


Indianapolis, IN -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/23/2006 -- Launching a new product? Introducing a new technology? Need to demonstrate new systems? These accomplishments can be achieved with dramatic effect, generating excitement and sustained enthusiasm across the country. Mobile event marketing is a principle described in depth in EventPro's new website. Entrepreneurs can witness hugely successful corporate events, and see how this proven marketing technique has benefited others.

Thorough corporate event planning essential for ensuring the success of any type of public relations or mobile event marketing effort. Locating the proper staff within their own organization can often be difficult for some companies in the initial stages of corporate event planning. Especially in the case of mobile event marketing, it is frequently helpful for companies to enlist outside corporate event planning and management services. By utilizing the services of planning and management specialists, companies can take advantage of the contacts and channels already in place for their corporate or mobile marketing event. Thus, one of the greatest challenges in planning is easily overcome. Thereafter, the actual management of the mobile event can be run with or without outside assistance. Generally, however, most companies find that the expense of using internal staff is equivalent to, or more than the cost of utilizing the full-range expertise of a corporate event management services firm.

One of the most exciting features of EventPro's new website is its introduction of Sponsorship Programs. This concept is worth checking out because it can instrumental in the financing large-scale mobile event marketing efforts for smaller-sized businesses. Considered as one of its many corporate event management services, this concept deserves the attention it has been getting.

Alongside the corporate event planning information featured on the new website, there are also useful case studies on the effectiveness of full-scale mobile marketing tours. These items present a brief but solid picture of how far marketing dollars can go, and how advertising expenses can actually be spared. Certainly, for companies who are currently considering their marketing options, this website will be extremely informative.

A leader in the mobile event marketing and corporate event management services for over a decade, EventPro's name has become synonymous with every type of corporate event planning. Their work can be viewed at http://www.eventpro.com