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APieceOfInternetHistory.com Makes its Mark on the Web

Charlotte, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/21/2006 -- Plenty of Web sites are making promises, but nobody’s really had a legitimate claim to A Piece of Internet History … until now.

A new Web site has launched with a plan to showcase the best of the Internet’s culture and community as a mosaic of artwork and logos. APieceOfInternetHistory.com is poised to become a threefold phenomenon on the Internet’s shifting landscape: a Web site that is unique, lasting, and beautiful.

The site began as an experiment by Web designer Ken Vuncannon of Charlotte, NC, to reinvent an idea recently pursued by Alex Tew of the UK on his now-famous Web site, milliondollarhomepage.com. Tew’s goal was to raise one million dollars by allowing anyone to buy advertising space on his home page, and he has promised to keep the site up for 5 years.

Vuncannon’s A Piece of Internet History is a permanent site that will stay online as long as its creator is alive—and beyond—ensuring a lifelong stream of traffic for those who purchase a plot of his showcase in cyberspace.

“I think it will be around as long as there’s an Internet,” says Vuncannon. He plans to use some of the proceeds to set up a trust which will curate the site in the event of his death.

The site’s home page contains one million pixels offered for purchase at one dollar per pixel and a minimum size of 10-by-10 pixels—a 100-pixel Piece of Internet History. Each owner will receive a certificate of ownership, with passkeys to make changes to their own logos, artwork and links back to their respective Web sites.

Plot owners will have the option to make changes to their Piece of Internet History or transfer ownership. Once the site is filled up it will be capped, and a yearly snapshot will be taken to showcase how advertising and artwork on the site evolves through the years.

It will all have to go through Vuncannon, though. To keep the site pure and consistent with the site’s vision, each submitted Piece of Internet History will be reviewed for its artistic merits before posting—by Vuncannon himself.

“I’m the chief crap detector and creative bottleneck,” says Vuncannon. “I think we can all agree that the Internet has an overabundance of garbage and not enough greatness. I am dedicating these million pixels to help change that.”

Ken Vuncannon plans to market the site heavily in the coming weeks, with a national media blitz as the first step.

Features at APieceOfInternetHistory.com:

- Exactly one million pixels will be sold, in minimum plots of 10x10pixels (100 pixels), currently at a rate of one dollar per pixel.
- Owners will be purchasing permanent plots that will never be taken down.
- Each piece will be reviewed for excellence to ensure the final mosaic will be top quality.
- Once the last pixel is sold, no more will be awarded. In other words, no new area on the home page, no new pages, and no additional space of any kind will be created or offered.
- A single banner ad is located at the top of the home page, and is not considered as part of the one-million-pixel total. This space will generate income toward guaranteeing the longevity of the site and will be sold on a periodic bid basis.
- The final piece will not be taken down for the life of the creator, and plans are in the works to extend the life of the site indefinitely.
- Plots will become transferable at a date to be determined later.
- A list of owners and business information will be displayed on the site, indexed by business type.
- No “Internet junk” (rotating hearts, crazy frogs, explicit content, etc.) will ever be displayed on APieceOfInternetHistory.com.

For more information including a list of frequently asked questions, press information, purchasing information, and contact information, visit APieceOfInternetHistory.com.

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Janice Ridge
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