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Chennai, India -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/23/2010 -- When a product or service is required, 9 out of 10 times a Customer scrambles to contact a vendor to get what they need. A unique system, enables a Customer to click a desktop icon of a vendors logo and straight away commence a face to face chat while it retrieves and displays on both ends, all past mails and documents exchanged between them,.

iCube Office-2, (http://www.icubeoffice.com) launched by Owtsar Technologies Pvt Ltd (http://www.owtsar.co.in), is a no investment, pay as you go, on demand, cloud based system, that would actually help save current costs while giving a big edge to serve customers.

Valuable time is always spent in searching for specifications, past invoices, deliveries, contact persons telephone number etc. even before one picks up the phone. With iCube Office, one single click on a vendors icon from the desktop would connect instantly through the internet for a face to face, multimedia chat. In addition all the data required for the discussion will be readily available.. There is no substitute to a face to face conversation, to establish confidence, in concluding a deal. The desktop icon has a securely embedded id together with other security features, that would help protect from prying intruders. A company has to only subscribe for a minimum number of users and they can generate id's for any number of customers they may have. The customer will not be given access to any operation except to contact and communicate with the company.

“We will offer the application in different formats” said Mr. John Martyn, the Marketing Director at Owtsar Technologies. “It will be made available as a SaaS model with individual company id and user package hosted in secure Data Centers in North America or Europe. Larger firms can host the system individually either in their premises or in hosted servers in data centers; they can also split their servers and host them in multiple places, based on geographical locations, applications or even offices and departments. We are very flexible in our offerings” he added.

Together with this comes a email system with total corporate management features and an embedded encryption. One can send encrypted emails to any email account including hotmail, gmail, yahoomail etc. The recipients need not be registered or install any software in their computers, but can also send an encrypted reply..

A full fledged Documents Management System (DMS) is also available with the facility to upload and edit documents such as doc/odt and convert to pdf.. Version control, access control, link control and audit trail is available. Legacy Applications that are currently in use can be integrated with the system. Third party applications such as accounting, bill collections etc can also be linked with the system. A basic CRM for customer data, Staff interactive tool for discussions, Admin Control, multilingual facility, RSS feeds, desktop version and Mobile access for Win OS only, are some of the other features available now.

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