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Cambridge, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/2/2006 -- Buyertools Ltd this week is launching the first free of charge price comparison program, checking eBay auctions against thousands of online stores. The new software called “Pricepirates” finds relevant offers from merchants listed at, the world’s largest product catalog, and on the Amazon Marketplace. Christoph Berndt, Managing Director of Buyertools Ltd states: “The application checks prices for several million offers within seconds. The number of offers is growing every day!”

The developer Buyertools Ltd states that it “put great emphasis on search speed, exceeding standard web browsers, and on a user friendly interface”: “Pricepirates helps to guide online shoppers hunting for bargains on the net.” The software can be downloaded for free from the developer’s web site After installing, the user only has to enter a keyword and Pricepirates lists all matching offers with their prices within seconds. The developer explains: “Unlike online price comparison services, this application manages to track eBay auctions against online prices in shops across large markets, achieving the widest scope for price comparisons we know.” Pricepirates provides international price compares from eBay sites in 13 countries.

The program’s menu is simple and intuitive. It generates online and in real time comprehensive lists which can be sorted by a range of criteria. A mouse click on an entry opens the relevant product page at the selected online store in a browser window. The user can add auctions to a watch list to observe objects of interest, and if desired, the user can even set the program to send an SMS as a reminder when the auction is about to end. This helps to bid just a few minutes before the hammer falls, reducing the time left for competing bids to be placed.

According to research by AC Nielsen, the British and the Germans are the world’s biggest online shoppers. The idea for Pricepirates first started in Germany in 2003, where it has become a very popular tool amongst Internet shoppers. According to ‘eMarketer’ (Dec 2005) Germany is Europe’s largest online market with over 22 million shoppers. Now for the first time this free program is being made available in English, providing access to prices and comparisons from auctions on 13 regional eBay sites and 95 percent of the top 300 merchants in the U.S., the majority of the leading merchants in the U.K. and thousands of smaller merchants across the globe.

“We want to create real market transparency” says Christoph Berndt. “Misguided and confused consumers are a growing concern. As consumer protection associations repeatedly have shown, the reseller’s low price claims are often misleading.” It is of growing importance to plan and research before buying online. This requires not only comparing current prices, but to observe the market for the item over a longer period. Pricepirates integrated statistics help the user to analyze price developments on eBay.

Buyertools guarantees the user’s anonymity and that its program is free of ads and spyware. Pricepirates does not store any user data. To run a price search the user is not required to provide his or her name or other personal details. The application does not store personal user details. “Pricepirates” can be downloaded for free from

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Buyertools Limited is the specialist developer of online auction, shopping and price comparison applications. “Our tools create transparency in an increasingly complex market place”, says Managing Director Christoph Berndt, and adds: “We offer the bidder the tools and information necessary for a head start in any eBay auction or online purchase.”

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