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National Motivatinal Humorist Kicks Off "Wear Red Noses" Campaign


Nationally Renowned Motivational Speaker & Humorist KICKS OFF “Wear Red – Noses!” Campaign in New Orleans

SYRACUSE, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/21/2006 -- Yvonne Conte, nationally renowned motivational humorist, is kicking up her heels as she kicks off her National 2006 Wear Red – Noses Campaign!

“I’m encouraging people – all sorts of people from all walks of life to re-connect with their inner silliness,” said Conte. “Life is just too serious to be taken seriously all the time.”

Conte, an acclaimed author whose most recent book is, “Bits of Joy – 50 Ideas That Will Make You Jump for Joy” has emerged from others in her field as a leader and visionary in the practical applications of humor in both the corporate world and in everyday life.

“A good comedian will have you laughing for 30 minutes,” stated Conte. “I can show you how to laugh for the rest of your life. I see humor as an integration factor that can knit elements of a person together. Consequently humor can make a person more integrated in their approach to their personal and professional life.”

Conte sees her “Wear Red – Noses!” campaign as a national statement to the world on how businesses can inspire creativity and change within their corporations via recognizing this key element of every person as a valuable tool.

“Humor as a practical and workable tool is just such a new concept,” said Conte. “However it is not one that is readily being used in Corporate America. The average American is spending more time on the job today with less personal satisfaction being garnered. Unhappy in their work environment, they are dissatisfied in their personal environment. I’m out to change the face of the American worker and workplace!”

Conte who has appeared on many TV shows and has hosted two radio programs is highly sought after for her Positive Power of Humor Programs. She is the founder and Director of Fun of Humor Advantage, Inc. She spends most of her time on an active lecture and speaking tour circuit.

“It is a personal and professional joy to kick this campaign off in New Orleans,” said Conte. “There’s a town with a come back spirit that mirrors the hope I bring to my keynotes.” Conte will open her campaign during a speaking engagement for Global Industries, Ltd., a leader in supplying diving and pipe laying services vital to producing oil and gas, March 11, 2005 at the New Orleans Marriott on Canal Street. ###

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