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Megola Announces ScaleGuard Technology Accepted by Hotel Industry


Corunna, Ontario, Canada -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/22/2006 -- Megola Inc. (OTC BB:MGOA.OB), a leading environmental solution provider in physical water treatment, air purification, microbiological control, and wastewater treatment, is pleased to announce that a prominent hotel in Coral Gables, Florida has turned to ScaleGuard to treat their cooling operations.

Wizard Water, a Megola Distributor in Florida, has recently installed the ScaleGuard technology in the hotel in Coral Gables to alleviate their mineral fouling problems. Excessive scale buildup has been negatively impacting the efficiency of the cooling tower, which is a key component of the air conditioning system in the hotel. By installing ScaleGuard to combat the scale problems, the air conditioning system will run more effectively and efficiently throughout the building. Since the air conditioning system runs continuously day and night the entire year, the energy and cost savings generated by the use of the ScaleGuard system are expected to be substantial.

The South Florida group that owns the hotel in Coral Gables also owns over 40 others and is excited to have found an environmentally safe technology to deal with their cooling problems.

Cooling Towers -- Background

Most air-conditioning systems and industrial processes generate heat, and this heat must be removed and dissipated. Water is commonly used as the transfer medium for removal of heat from refrigerant condensers or industrial process heat exchangers.

In the past, cooling was accomplished by drawing a continuous source of water, passing it through the equipment to be cooled, and discharging it to a drain. As time passed, water purchased for this type of use became prohibitively expensive because of increased costs for water supply and disposal.

The cooling tower was devised as a method for minimizing water usage and controlling disposal. Unfortunately, the solution to the original problems introduced new problems.

Because water is a so-called universal solvent, it picks up traces of everything with which it comes in contact. When it passes through the ground it dissolves salts, which in turn can deposit as hard scale upon heat transfer surfaces and within pipes as the water evaporates.

The quality of water circulating through a cooling system has a significant effect on the overall system efficiency, the degree of maintenance required, and the useful life of the system. Therefore, it is important that an effective open loop water treatment system for the control of scale deposition be utilized.

Until now, such treatment systems were (necessarily) heavily dependent upon the use of chemicals, especially for scale inhibition.

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