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Eliminating The Confusion Surrounding HDTV


The HDTV standard of television signal broadcasting is quickly coming into it's own, especially with the FCC mandating that all broadcasts in the US comply with that standard by 2007. But there is plenty of confusion about what HDTV and it's surrounding technologies are and how best to practically use them.

Glendale, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/27/2006 -- The HDTV broadcast format is barreling into consumer's homes in one way or another within the next year, but according to Jim Johnson who writes for Consumer Reviews Online, "most consumers are just simply not prepared to make wise choices when buying HDTV equipment".

This is mainly because there is a confusing array of industry acronyms, as is often the case with technology products, but even more so in the high definition field. For instance, just in the television display area, there are currently three competing technologies:

1. DLP - Digital Light Processing display.

2. LCD - Liquid Crystal Display

3. Plasma Screens

According to Johnson, "If you walked into an electronics store right now and was faced with making a decision involving thousands of dollars concerning just these three display standards, do you think you would know which to choose? Not many people would. And interestingly, not many of the sales people actually fully understand the differences either, so that they can help guide the consumer to buy the best product for their particular needs."

Buying a television in the past was generally very straightforward and simple. There weren't a whole lot of options other than screen size, but the sheer number and complexity of competing technologies that surround the introduction of HDTV is an awful lot to keep up with. And the kind of display you choose is only a fraction of the decisions that must be when buying a new television.

The Consumer Reviews Online website has devoted a section to helping consumers understand the confusing terms that surround buying HDTV products ( ). Armed with just a little advance preparation the average consumer can know which kind of TV technology will benefit them most and understand how they will best be able to fully utilize HDTV in their home entertainment plans for the near future.

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