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Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/27/2006 -- In response to the heightened threat posed by online predators, SurveilleTech LLC, makers of the award winning parental supervision software e-Surveiller, is launching a campaign to educate parents on the danger posed by predators and also to raise funds to support non-profit organizations whose utmost priority is to educate the general public on how to protect kids on the internet.

Upon compiling and reviewing responses received over the years from customers using e-Surveiller to supervise their children’s internet usage coupled with internal studies, SurveilleTech has come to substantiate that the most important safety step that must be taken by parents is to supervise their kids’ internet usage. “Simply put every parent must make supervision software a vital part of their computer.” said Joe Chyke with SurveilleTech. “We dutifully believe that every computer that is connected to the internet in use by a child must be supervised.”

Internet filters do not work. The reason being that most online predators lure their victims by visiting kid friendly websites, which grants them an uninhibited access to kids. Secondly, most kids today are more technology savvy than their parents and can get around filters to access just about any websites they want. “Recently, my seven year old nephew’s honest response to why he was logged onto the computer using his mother’s username was that he could not connect to the internet using his username,” said Mr. Chyke.

Supervision is the key, and most parents will not be there to monitor and watch what their kids are doing at all times. But when e-Surveiller electronic supervision software is used, detailed play-by-play information of their children’s internet usage is recorded and the information can be emailed to them.

Apart from protecting loved ones, which every parent must strive for, supervision will also provide important clues assuming something was to happen to a child. Most importantly, it will enable gathering of important evidence that will be needed by authorities to prosecute and put a predator away.

SurveilleTech’s goal is to use this campaign to encourage and educate parents on the need to take a proactive approach towards protecting their kids online. When a customer purchases a copy of e-Surveiller supervision software for their home between February and May, SurveilleTech will donate 10% of the purchase to non-profit organizations whose sole priority is to help make the internet safe for kids.

Licenses for e-Surveiller software start from $34.95 and the software works on Microsoft Windows computers. To learn more about this campaign, or to download a free trial of e-Surveiller, visit

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