Jumpions, Inc.

Car Dealers Create A Friendly Environment for Potential Customers


Montebello, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/24/2006 -- Jumpions, Inc. (http://www.jumpions.com) has developed a new program, which helps auto dealers to attract potential buyers’ attention without any effort and getting them stay for hours at their lots. A new marketing trend is getting more and more popular amongst car dealers around the nation.

Jumpions, Inc is a manufacturer of inflatable games such as jumps, slides, obstacle courses, sports games and more. The company also specializes in creative advertising inflatable games for many industries. Bounce houses and jumpers have become one of the most successful marketing techniques used by dealers to attract and keep clients happy while browsing and shopping.

Many marketing techniques have been tried by car dealers in a past to bring customers to their business, which are now cliché. Now, it is time for something new, fun and exciting that can attract clients without any aggressive effort. Children will make their parents shop for cars.

“Bounce houses have a positive image in people’s minds because it reminds them of good times, birthday parties and family gatherings,” states Vaughn Martin, VP of Marketing and Sales for Jumpions, Inc. “Parents don’t have to think about what will they do with their kids while they are shopping for a new car.”

A regular inflatable jumper can be set up in less than 10 minutes and most dealers keep the bounce houses up and running 24 hours which plays a major advertising tool after hours as well.

The program provides the following benefits for auto dealers:
- Attracting customers
- Creating a fun atmosphere
- Giving parents a freedom to shop for a car while their children have something to do
- Connecting to the community

More information can be obtained about the program by calling 323-832-9848 or visiting company’s website at http://www.jumpions.com.