koi collective

Creative Design Director Develops a Design Company That Specializes in Imaging, Design and Marketing for Small Businesses


Middletown, CT -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/24/2006 -- Creative Design Director, Meredith Knechel, owner and founder of Meredith K. Studios, is introducing her newest design business, Koi Collective LLC. Koi Collective is an expansion to Meredith K. Studios. The firm focuses on brand development for small businesses that are unique, and provide services that enhance a person’s lifestyle. These businesses include, but are not limited to, salons, spas, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, clothing, cosmetics, and hospitality.

Meredith founded her first design business, Meredith K. Studios, in 2002. It was a small, one woman design studio in Daytona Beach, Florida. Prior to that time, she was interested in becoming a children’s book illustrator. When that didn’t pan out, she decided to use one of her practice pieces, a Japanese Koi fish as the focus of the first direct mail piece for Meredith K. Studios. This Koi fish later became the inspiration for the corporate identity of Koi Collective.

After a successful year in Daytona Beach, she moved to Hartford, CT and set-up her studio in her home, along with the company of Mooshu (her orange cat) and Bridgette (her Corgi dog). As she settled in Connecticut, her networking began. Her client base rapidly flourished due to word-of-mouth and a close contact, Spa Consultant Laura Walker, principle of Spa Solutions in North Kingston, RI. Currently, Meredith is a branding and creative design consultant to over 20 different spas and salons across the country. She is well known for her “fun, smooth flowing, eye-enticing” sense of design.

Koi Collective LLC, came together as Meredith began to network with different individuals who could bring various talents to the table. She works in conjunction with two graphic designers, a marketing director, a spa consultant, a web developer, a photographer, two business coaches, and of course, Mooshu and Bridgette, who often add comic and stress relief to the day. With this expansion came the need for a new name and image, Koi Collective, a representation of where Meredith began with the Koi fish to the collective efforts of marketing and consulting talents. With this new venture, small businesses will be able to achieve imaging, branding, and marketing results with one company vs. many (a design firm, web developer, photography studio, marketing agency, to name a few).

The goal of Koi Collective is to work with small businesses to identify their target audience, their favorite type of client, create a memorable image that their client will relate to, and then market it. With effective constructing of this plan, Koi Collective develops recognizable and emotionally engaging brands for small business owners, and removes the constraints involved with helping their clients identify and recognize their image and offerings.