Pure Air Systems, Inc.

HEPA Air Cleaner Website for Builders and HVAC Contractors


Clayton, IN -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/14/2006 --Easy access is available for builders and contractors to sales literature, spec-sheets, pricing and installation guidelines for HEPA Air Cleaner systems. Pure Air System's website is a valuable time-saving device and free online reference tool for customers and employees of the building profession.

Builders and contractors can serve both their clients and employees at no cost by referring them to Pure Air System's website for all their HEPA air cleaner questions and needs. This virtual warehouse of information is available free of charge and with no registration necessary, making it a risk-free resource relied upon by numerous segments of the HEPA-related market.

Having provided commercial, residential and industrial HEPA air cleaners for the HVAC industry for two decades, Pure Air Systems has been in touch with the needs of builders and contractors in every aspect. As pioneers of HEPA technology and systems, they are aware of the kinds of questions posed to contractors and builders on a continuing basis. Therefore, their website has been designed to provide all the answers to every type of question presented by employees of the building trade and end-use consumers. These answers can be accessed anytime, anywhere and by anybody. Furthermore, the information is clear and includes detailed diagrams and sketches, as well as technical definitions for people unfamiliar with HVAC and HEPA air cleaner terminology.

After installing a HEPA air cleaner, builders and contractors can ensure their customer's satisfaction with their services by referring them to the Pure Air Systems website for their future filter replacement needs. The full range of Pure Air's filters is available for online purchase, indirectly demonstrating the builder/contractor's commitment to customer convenience. Pure Air Systems understands that by continuing to provide outstanding products and services to the building profession, they can continue to be their first choice for HEPA air cleaners.

Pure Air Systems has designed and manufactured HEPA air cleaners since 1985 when the industry was still in its infancy. By dealing directly with end-use consumers, builders and contractors, they can offer the full spectrum of resources to help everyone with their HEPA air cleaner questions and needs.