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4 Easy Steps To Better Home Security Right Now


Before you buy expensive alarm systems and security cameras, there are some simple things you can do to improve your home security right away.

Glendale, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/28/2006 -- The home security field is an industry that is in a state of global growth according to many industry observers, and thanks in part to wireless technology, security cameras are popping up almost everywhere.

According to Jim Johnson, who writes for Consumer Reviews Online: "The continuing increase of news outlets that broadcast a steady diet of news including more local crime news than ever before has fueled a rising interest in making sure that our homes and families are safe and well protected. This has led to a surge in the sale of home security products both here in the US and also, interestingly enough, in many other areas around the world".

But before you run out and buy that expensive alarm system with all the bells and whistles, there are some very basic things that you can do to help raise the security level around your home immediately and here they are:

1. If you are in the habit of leaving a door key in easy reach of the front door in case you accidentally lock yourself out, it would be good to stop that practice. Because so many people do this, burglars are well aware that if they poke around a little they often can get easy access to your home with your own key.

2. Windows are one of the targets for easy entry into a home, so make sure that you keep them shut and locked as much as possible. If you must have them open at times, it's a good practice to buy locks at your local hardware store that prevent them from opening wide enough for a person to get through.

3. Go outside and look at your home from the standpoint of a burglar. Are there any spots around your house where someone could hide or escape detection easily? Try to eliminate as many of these areas as possible to make it a more difficult target for a potential burglary.

4. Install night lights at strategic areas around your home that are triggered by motion detectors. Most burglars like to break in at night and get in and out very easily. Bright lights that shine on them when they move foils all of that, and makes your home much harder for them to break into.

There are lots of other very simple and easy low-cost methods of implementing a home security plan, and the Consumer Home Security Review has listed several of them on their website to help consumers make smart decisions about enhancing the security around their home.

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