The Million Dollar Artwork launched - The Next Level of Online Advertising


Berlin, Germany -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/1/2006 -- The is a new and innovative way to advertise your business on one of the most powerful pixel advertising websites in the world wide web.

Businesses and individuals can buy image-based links for $10, $5, or $1, per block, and place a logo and link, as well as a slogan displayed when hovering the cursor over the link on his site.

By advertising your business on the Million Dollar Artwork, your ads will be seen by millions over the coming years. The Million Dollar Artwork invest across a broad spectrum of sectors ranging from advertising and cross promotion marketing to ensure driving many visitors as possible to your website.

You pay a one-time fee for at least 5 years worth of advertising, and a steady stream of targeted traffic to your web site. “There is no doubt! Pixel based advertising is an extremely successful advertising medium today!

Mostly the benefits of the Million Dollar Artwork Pixel Advertising are much higher than advertisers get from PPC (Pay per Click) Ads on major search engines! says, Mrs. Fischer Online Marketing Expert, and founder of the Million Dollar Artwork.

The long-term value of Pixel Online Advertisement is changing business.

About the Million Dollar Artwork:

The Million Dollar Artwork offers advertising space to businesses and individuals. Anyone who wants to promote a product or service globally can become part of the website. We are experts in marketing websites via internet advertising and search engine placement.

Pixel advertising have gained a considerable increase in popularity since the last quarter of 2005 when British student Alex Tew created the first pixel advertising website named The Million Dollar Homepage.

Its quickly becoming a very popular, and artistic form of online advertising. Advertisers love the idea of the Million Dollar Homepage. The web traffic hits quadrupled, and sales increased 40 – 50% within a week, and still measuring the impact this had on sales through traditional retailers.

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