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Getting Healthy Is A Difficult Path To Walk Alone


Hildale, UT -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/1/2006 -- There are millions of Americans struggling against poor health. It is not their fault they seem to make little progress. Poor health has many causes that are as varied as the person. Finding these causes for each person is such a monumental task that people often give up or just rely on the quick fix.

There is hope. There is one pervasive cause that everyone can work on that is guaranteed to get results. Rich or poor, everyone living has this issue to deal with. Much like our dwellings must be cleaned to remain healthy habitats, our bodies must be constantly cleaned to remain healthy. Unlike cleaning homes, the tools for cleaning the body are often overlooked or misunderstood says David Black aka DrDA, America's Health Detoxor and Dr. of Detoxology.

A Foundation To Build On

The engineers of our bodies work just like engineers rebuilding or remodeling a building. Before the work can begin, the place must be cleaned out. The old worn out elements must be torn down and removed. They must get to where there is something solid to work with or foundations must be reinforced and strengthened so there is something to build on.

Our bodies work just the same. The first priority is always to cleanse. After the cleansing then rebuilding can begin. This happens in sections. What happens when is dependent upon what the body has readily available and can access. This is different for each person.

7 Quick and Easy Ways to Help The Body Detox and Rebuild

1 - Drink plenty of activated mineral water
2 - Start a detoxification therapy program - The DBR Detox Therapy Program is a good start. The minimum equipment can be found at www.dbresearchlc.com More details detoxspa.blogspot.com
3 - Help the bodies circadian rhythm out by following a regular schedule
4 - Reinforce the body where it is weak - Contact your local health professional or David at www.dbresearchlc.com for suggestions. Use the form at the bottom of the page.
5 - Avoid cleaners and all chemicals that are toxic - If this means finding a different job, do it. Abuse and destroy the body, abuse and destroy life.
6 - Develop a support group. One great way to do this is join the DBR forums at http://snipurl.com/kzsj It is free to join. There are some great people there who are especially helpful and kind.
7 - Keep at it. Rome wasn't built in a day. I wasn't rebuilt in a day either. Bad days will still come, just know the improvements will be worth the downtime.


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