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Disaster / Missing Persons Alert System Adds Another Agency To Its Fold


Stateline, Nevada -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/2/2006 -- ComAlert announces Oklahoma State Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs Control has signed up for its state of the art disaster alert system. “Now the citizens of Oklahoma and the states agents are protected by a state of the art alert system designed to keep people in touch during disasters, a terrorist attack, or missing persons, etc…” said Samuel Anderson, CEO and Managing Partner of the ComAlert System and ComAlert , LLC.

It’s every official’s worst nightmare: a natural disaster, terrorist attack, or missing persons (especially children) in their city or municipality. And until recently, cities and police agencies had no real method for communicating with their citizens during times of trouble. Then the ComAlert alert system was introduced, giving cities, municipalities, and ordinary citizens a vital communication tool to be used for emergencies. In addition, to assist cities and law enforcement agencies in signing up, ComAlert has secured over ten million five-hundred thousand dollars in grant money specifically earmarked to allow cities and/or law enforcement agencies to initially sign up at no charge.

Mr. Anderson is very optimistic that the money will help bring cities and agencies aboard, just like it did Oklahoma State Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs Control: “What this does is it allows us to offer the ComAlert system to any sized city, municipality or agency and get them to sign up. Typically, when a city or state is asked to pay for anything, there are meetings, requests, and forms for even the smallest dollar amount. This grant money allows cities and agencies to bypass that and just sign up with no strings attached.”

Police Departments have also been very interested in the ComAlert system, as it can be used to assist in missing-persons cases. This wasn’t lost on Anderson: “Our police agencies are the front lines of our nation’s security, including being the first responders to missing persons. ComAlert can certainly help them by acting as a database for a person’s updated information and description, as well as sending out a general alert to all the right places and authorities, instantly.”

Having on board the Oklahoma State Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs Control is the beginning of a lasting relationship that will begin to support and fight the illicit drugs and narcotics for the State of Oklahoma. The ComAlert System can assist the agency in communicating within their own agency as well as alerting anyone in the State. Furthermore, it has the capability to communicate cross-jurisdictionally with other agencies anywhere in the world. Other capabilities are secret and will remain as such for what it will do for their agency. “Our goal is to ensure the safety of our agents and most importantly the well-being of our citizens of Oklahoma,” says Chief Agent Dr. John Duncan of the Oklahoma State Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs Control. “ComAlert can and will assist in our efforts in many areas that we need it to be involved in, we’re fortunate to have this homeland security tool in our arsenal.”

For Anderson, ComAlert represents both years of passionate work, and several hundred thousand dollars of his own money. But he feels that his efforts are paying off: “Our nation’s preparedness and the support of our emergency responders in protecting our communities, and finding our missing persons, especially children, must be a shared effort. Getting funding to assist cities in signing up is a giant step in that direction.”

About Samuel Anderson and ComAlert
Samuel Anderson is the owner of Tekbrokers VENTURES, LLC, which develops cutting edge products and puts patient, intelligent and experienced capital to work. ComAlert is a result of a marriage of vision and technology, and is a leader in emergency communications. To learn more, visit the ComAlert website at