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Instant Keyword Research Acquired by FamWeb, LLC


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/2/2006 -- FamWeb, LLC, a leading a search engine optimization and keyword research company, today announced it has acquired Instant Keyword Research from This Stuff Is Amazing, LLC. Instant Keyword Research is one of the most popular tools for conducting in-depth keyword research for Adsense targeting, pay-per-click marketing, niche websites and lead generation. Instant Keyword Research will continue to operate as an independent brand in the FamWeb portfolio and retain its name and unique URL: http://www.InstantKeywordResearch.com.

“Instant Keyword Research is not only a market leader in keyword research, but it is truly one of the most useful and powerful services for any website operator. We are excited about providing Instant Keyword Research with the resources to grow its service and help it reach a broader audience,” said Arnie Kuenn, FamWeb’s senior partner. “Instant Keyword Research is a natural fit for our SEO portfolio, as we extend our search engine optimization business to encompass the rapidly growing amount of searches, content and information available on the web.”

Instant Keyword Research is a pioneer in bringing together an extremely large database of search terms and lightening fast responses for its users. Recognized as the leader in its category in terms of size, feature richness and ease of use, Instant Keyword Research offers hundreds of thousands of niche keywords in many different verticals. Instant Keyword Research also includes a keyword misspelling generator, a keyword miner, and a niche keyword generator.

“Our proprietary keyword technology gathers search terms from over 42 different search engines, databases and other sources,” continued Kuenn. “It is exciting to have the opportunity to connect webmasters with our unique feature set providing them with one of the fastest and most comprehensive keyword services available anywhere.” The service is delivered on two CDs and can be ordered directly from www.InstantKeywordResearch.com.

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