Sourcio Will Launch the First Ajax-Powered Website and Network Monitoring Service.


Yerevan, Republic of Armenia -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/9/2006 -- To help reduce losses in revenues caused by down-time of websites, monitoring software and services regularly check the performance of their clients’ web-pages, servers, and networks. “Slow websites cost $25 billion (annually, worldwide) in lost sales. [...] This includes more than $21 billion per year lost when users abandon a website because of excessive delays in web page downloads.” according to Zona Research. There are currently many monitoring services and software that help alleviate those problems, but will be the first free monitoring service based on Ajax technology, giving the user full control of the interface. In addition, checks not only the uptime of a website, but its performance as well.

While web-based applications have several advantages over traditional desktop software including lower costs, no need for manual updating and patching, and cross-platform compatibility, they still lag behind traditional software in terms of ease of customization, interactivity, and ease of use. For example, users cannot “drag and drop” items, or create or move buttons in web applications the way they can on regular desktop software. Ajax addresses all of those issues, and therefore solutions powered by Ajax like enjoy the advantages of both types of applications. “’s interface will have customization options and an ease of use level that will be unprecedented among web-based monitoring services. Due to this level of innovation, interaction, and user control, we feel that this is a true Web 2.0 solution” states Hovhannes Avoyan, Sourcio CEO.’s services will include e-mail alerts, server status reporting via an RSS reader, real-time performance charts, various tests (http, https, ftp, ping among others), and regularly scheduled reports and statistics. It provides benefits like 24/7 uptime and performance monitoring, historical performance trend reports, and personalized interface screens to everyone from web developers and small business owners to top managers and executives. Sourcio expects that this wide range of free monitoring services and benefits combined with the innovative Ajax-powered interface will draw a lot of attention from many different users. “We anticipate that will be used by businesses and private website owners alike” says Avoyan. The official launch will occur on March 9th at CeBit, the gigantic IT expo that takes place in Hanover, Germany, where Sourcio will be occupying booth #C06 in hall #8.

Nagios® is a popular open source host, service and network monitoring program designed to inform users of network problems before their clients, end-users or managers do. By basing their service on Nagios, is using software that already has a proven track record among many big companies.

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