Encompix, Inc.

Technology Roadmap for Encompix ETO ERP Proves Successful


Cincinnati, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/7/2006 -- According to Chuck Stewart, Executive Vice President with Encompix ETO ERP software, “A technology shift is once again upon the software industry. Fading are the days of all-in-one client/server applications. Approaching is the concept of service oriented architecture, platform independence, and web-enabled enterprises. With any change, there are significant factors that must reconcile to the realities of the new technology. As Encompix began the design and development of the next generation of our engineer-to-order ERP solution, we’ve sought to balance the issues to provide the best solution for our customers for the coming years.”

Stewart identified these issues:
• Innovation
• Reliability
• Performance
• Flexibility
• Scalability
• Total Cost of Ownership
• Investment Protection
• Partner Viability
• Niche Market Relevance

Beginning in 2003, Encompix began a process of prototyping their application using various technologies and techniques with the goal of determining the best course of action to take in the coming years. The process that quickly moved to the forefront of their strategy is the concept of Application Transformation. Application Transformation will cost effectively allow the ETO ERP leader to add new capabilities that increase the application’s market attractiveness and extend its productive and profitable life. Unlike financially costly and risky new development strategies such as a complete re-development project, Application Transformation leverages investments made in existing applications, modernizes their architecture and interfaces to support new technologies, and adds desirable new features. The Application Transformation project has enabled Encompix to take an evolutionary (transparent) approach to the task of transforming the existing Encompix Windows Architecture to the new Encompix Service Architecture.

Encompix (http://www.encompix.com) has filled the manufacturing software requirements of Engineer-to-Order companies since 1992. The company name reflects the commitment to developing business application solutions that encompass the complex areas of project-based and job-based manufacturing. Encompix provides ETO manufacturers with a competitive advantage by improving bottom line results.

According to Thomas R. Cutler, spokesperson for the ETO Institute (www.etoinstitute.org), “Encompix continues to capture significant marketshare in the ETO environment because few other ERP vendors truly understand the nuances and significant distinctions of the ETO process versus the repetitive manufacturing process. Encompix now has more than 200 of the leading ETO manufacturing firms in North America using their ERP Software solution.”

Roger Meloy