SpartaMatrix International (USA)

SpartaMatrix™ Sends IT Members to U.S. To Expand Port Security Efforts


Wilmington, DE -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/7/2006 -- SpartaMatrix™ Sends IT Members to U.S. To Expand Port Security Efforts

SpartaMatrix™ International, with offices in Hong Kong, Brisbane, Australia and Wilmington, Delaware, has announced the allocation of three of its most senior technical development team members from Southeast Asia to the United States. In order to assist security sector contractors who will be responsible for bringing American ports into International Maritime Organization (IMO) compliance with supply-chain counterterrorism security systems, SMI teams will be based in Austin, Texas and will be advising all U.S. ports on the best available security systems.

Developed by a dedicated team of former US Department of Justice and US military advisors, SpartaMatrix™ is recognized as the industry leader on international intermodal container regulations, requirements and trends.

Former Wall Street investment banker Dr. Philip Wainwright heads SpartaMatrix™ which specializes in delivering cost-effective, reliable plug-and-play IT systems for the simplified management and control of intermodal cargo shipments. Formerly of Prudential Securities and Shearson Lehman, Wainwright assembled an international team led by American scientists, skilled IT professionals and other transportation security experts from Europe and Australia.

“SMI has strategic alliances with over 35 leading global technology companies which work in the provisioning of maritime security systems,” Wainwright says. “Our solutions are the best available in A-to-Z compliance and control. This includes initial digital mapping, as well as tracking and detection, with state-of-the-art, highly encrypted data transmission and real-time information for first responders.”

Dr. Philip Wainwright