Proven Addiction Recovery Training Unwelcome at this Month’s so-called National Drug Treatment Conference


East Grinstead, West Sussex -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/07/2006 -- Most sane politicians and members of the general public would expect that an event promoted as the 2006 National Drug Treatment Conference would automatically wish to include at least one paper and one speaker on the recent establishment in the U.K. of a centre delivering what is indisputably the world’s most successful training in self-recovery from drug addiction.

Not a Johnny-cum-lately training system, but one which was developed 40 years ago in the Arizona State Prison System, which since then has been responsible for helping hundreds of thousands of former drug addicts of both sexes, every adult age, most nationalities, ethnic groups and beliefs achieve comfortable abstinence for life, and which today has some 150 training centres (and prison units) in 42 countries.

One would expect that a ‘national’ event of such proclaimed importance, supported as it is by the NHS, the National Treatment Agency, the National Addiction Centre, the Federation of Drug & Alcohol Professionals, the Royal College of Psychiatrists, the Royal College of General Practitioners and the U.K. Harm Reduction Alliance, would be anxious in any conference on “drug treatment” to feature a training programme which – first time through – helps 69+% achieve lifelong abstinence from drugs and which on a shorter second time through helps another 14 to 16 percent achieve the same goal.

But, apparently, NOT if your conference is organised by “Exchange” tools for harm reduction and “The (Methadone) Alliance”, and is sponsored by multinational pharmaceutical drug producers Schering-Plough.

Understandable really, because these organisers, sponsors and most of the supporting groups depend on continuing drug addiction for their livelihood. So the last thing they want publicised is a training programme which permits addicts to get themselves off drugs without use of pharmaceutical products.

After all, a drug addict is ‘a goose which lays golden eggs’ for those companies which treat addiction on a continuous ‘habit management’ basis. The last thing they want is someone to help their consumers get cured, because a cured addict is a lost customer.

On the other hand, you would really expect government departments like the National Health Service & the National Treatment Agency, who waste billions in taxpayers’ money on maintaining addicts, to want to see addiction cured by any system or by any organisation under the sun – as long as the cure is effective.

Although, on second thoughts – perhaps not – because when the treating and counselling of addicts is your livelihood, and when you are paid by the government out of taxpayers’ funds, do you really want to see your customers taken away by effective drug rehabilitation?

The truth is that the U.K. drug prevention and drug treatment scene is dominated and controlled by psychiatry and the pharmaceutical drug companies. It provides a significant part of their income and costs the British taxpayer many billions in failed and ineffective treatment, whilst boosting addict numbers each year.

Such ‘treatment’ cures no one, and the accompanying so-called ‘harm reduction’ ‘drugs education’ does nothing to train our youth in actual PREVENTION. As a result, more individuals enter the addicted population every year, whilst existing addicts are ‘managed’ with profitable non-CURE prescription drugs.

The methadone programme is a marketing man’s dream. The government pays your company to keep your consumers addicted, because the users themselves can’t pay. What sane board director is going to want to lose such a huge, profitable and easy business? He doesn’t even have to advertise his products to the consumer. All he needs is to keep a few politicians and civil servants blindfolded sufficiently to ensure they don’t see the truth.

Is it any wonder that the NHS is overspending by billions, when so much of its taxpayer-provided budget is squandered on totally ineffective psycho-pharmaceutical ‘treatments’? Isn’t it time that successive governments woke up to the fact that they have been and are still being used as cash-cows by those vested interests, who clearly don’t give a damn about the addicts and who care only for the power and profit which their marketing ploys and manipulation of politicians and civil servants has achieved?

The situation revealed here is only the tip of the iceberg, recently also glimpsed in John le Carré’s book and film: “The Constant Gardener”. It is today quite clear that the psycho-pharmaceutical fraternity is not only unable to cure drug addiction, but that they also don’t want any one else to cure anybody of drug use.

In fact, practically every demand for liberalisation - and particularly legalisation - of all drugs is backed directly or indirectly by psycho-pharmaceutical interests. This is because legalisation not only puts the whole drugs market turnover into their hands, but also because history has shown that legalisation increases the number of drug users (including illicit teenagers) and the amounts they use.

Legalisation by any means is in fact the guarantee the psycho-pharmaceutical interests seek for their future expansion, and so must be resisted if all of us are to avoid becoming increasingly controlled within a bio-chemical society.

About C.E.P.T.A.
To create a drug-free society we need only to cure existing addicts whilst ensuring that no more youngsters take up drug usage. This means developing and promoting EFFECTIVE prevention and EFFECTIVE cures.

C.E.P.T.A. came into being when studies revealed that effective prevention and treatment had already existed in various countries for over 50 years, but were being suppressed in Europe, not only by producers and traffickers of illicit drugs, but also by commercial interests whose production levels and profitability depend upon increasing the sale of all forms of drugs, with no regard to the increasing number of addicts thus threatening our society.

C.E.P.T.A. (The Campaign for the Effective Prevention & Treatment of Addiction) was therefore founded by concerned E.U. citizens for the purpose of contradicting and exposing vested interest political lobbying and misleading P.R. campaigns which deliberately hide the failure to cure of current psycho-pharmaceutical “treatments” whilst also promoting drug liberalisation via so-called “harm reduction” and related “drugs education” - instead of providing real prevention training.

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