Leading Independent Authority on Search Vendors Expands Their Repertoire of Services

Leading independent authority on search vendors expands their repertoire of services


Singapore -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/09/2014 has advanced their reputation within the SEO industry with not only remaining at the forefront of advisory services in terms of recommending vendors, but now has announced that they are the one-stop online source for all legal information that applies to employing SEO.

Their website is now even more expansive, highlighting their position as the go-to website for all the information you require in terms of deciding what company you want to employ for a wide range of online services. An objective observer has noted the incredibly expansive range of information that can be found on their website, including most importantly now an incredibly detailed section concerning the legalities that must be observed when employing SEO and similar online services.

In such a saturated industry it is becoming harder and harder to dissect companies from each other. In light of this, has produced a set of criteria to consider when picking what company to hire to employ your SEO services

This list that that they have released reads as follows:

"- Industry wide experience - we advise that you choose a company that can show that they have experience across a range of industries and clients, both SMEs and large enterprises. This will ensure you choose a company who can provide you with an expert consultant for your particular industry

- Time in the industry - SEO is a continuously changing online service. Therefore we advise that the company should show you that they have years of experience in SEO services, so they have more of an understanding of how the market has developed and how it will possibly alter in the future.

- Measurable results - We advise that you avoid any company if they can't provide you with previous successful examples of their work. Make sure you receive how long it took for each example to be successful, and the company should have an open door policy of contacting the company from which the example work is chosen should you so desire.

- Excellent customer satisfaction and service - as you will be dealing with the company extensively, we advise that you should take the time to investigate the past experiences of their clients to ensure you have a smooth-running experience with them that won't cause you unnecessary stress."

Upon inspection this list should be obvious, however these simple tips are not emphasised enough in the industry and decision to make prominent such a list consolidates their position as an advisory platform from which people can make important decisions as to their SEO solutions. They remain at the forefront of the Singapore SEO industry

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