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2 Free Tools To Help Internet Marketers


Morehead, KY -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/20/2006 -- Internet marketers interested in reaching a bigger target audience now have two new marketing tools to help them achieve their online advertising goals.

Deanna Mascle of Ezine Advertising Works at has used her years of experience with ezine advertising to create a free ebook "How To Write A Powerful Ezine Ad" as well as a free tutorial to help others "Harness The Power Of Ezine Advertising".

"I have been using ezine advertising since 1999 to build my successful internet business and I regularly recommend it to others interested in inexpensive, targeted internet advertising," she says. "I don't use any other form of paid advertising to promote my internet business because ezine advertising is so powerful."

Mascle is quick to point out the long-term value of ezine advertising.

"Ezine advertising has been around for as long as internet marketing has been around and there are many successful marketers that base a large portion of their success on it," she says. "What makes it so powerful is that it offers the combined benefit of two different forms of internet marketing: email marketing and text link advertising."

Mascle adds that ezine advertising provides access to a targeted, prescreened audience that is eager and receptive to the message in the short term and in the long term provides text links from valuable internet territory on the ezine's archive pages.

For additional information about ezine advertising, the free ebook, and free tutorial visit or

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