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BitBite Launches $60,000 Indiegogo Campaign to Promote Healthy Eating Habits

BitBite’s technology helps people lose weight and improve their health by analyzing how people eat and providing conclusions on real-time data analysis and pattern recognition


Douglas, MA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/02/2014 --Bitbite, the world's first 'hearable/wearable' device that automatically tracks a user's eating habits and provides real-time dietary suggestions, today launched its crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to raise $60,000 for the development of its innovative wearable technology. BitBite is an Automatic Dietary Recording System (ADRS) that combines a simple tracking system with direct-response, power-of-suggestion guidance designed to improve eating habits and provide weight loss advice.

BitBite is the first wearable device that monitors and improves how you eat. With BitBite, you eat with awareness: How much? How often? How fast? When and Where? It's not just what you eat, it's how you eat. BitBite helps you chew more, digest better, snack less, and recognize satiety. It's the missing link to a healthier you.

"We are proud to publically introduce BitBite's automatic dietary recording system as an influential agent to meet personal diet goals and help fight obesity," said Etai Granit, CEO of BitBite. "BitBite is the first of its kind – an innovative patent-pending technology that puts the control back into the hands of those looking to live a healthier lifestyle."

BitBite enables low-maintenance weight management. No more tedious food measuring, planning and logging. Just eat, and BitBite will help you do it better. When you slow down, chew more and eat at regular intervals, you'll feel better and lose weight. For added precision, you can tell its voice-activated sensors what you are eating and receive a daily automated food log, including calorie count and vitamin and mineral intake. You'll also receive alerts with nutritional tips based on your log, for example if you haven't had enough calcium.

Backed by leading academic clinical physicians, dieticians, top nutritionists and algorithm experts in sound analysis, pattern recognition and machine learning technology, BitBite brings a radical, highly-researched approach to eating.

According to the World Health Organization, by 2015 close to 2.3 billion adults will be categorized as overweight and over 700 million adults will be obese. Self-monitoring and fad diets are proclaimed to be effective in immediate weight loss; however, both are tedious and require a great amount of self-control. Compliance to these trends is almost unattainable without a secondary form of support. BitBite makes weight loss goals attainable by providing nutrition management from data entry and calorie counting.

BitBite is the first wearable device that offers weight-loss solutions relying on pattern recognition technology with the below features:

Ear Clip: Located in the ear, BitBite will contain a microphone and sensors that record and perform initial processing of the incoming sounds. There is a configurable "diet coacher" that provides real-time advice to the user. The BitBite advanced earpiece is incredibly comfortable and lightweight. Unlike other ear devices, BitBite will not occlude your ear or impact your hearing.

App: The smartphone app, launched on Android and iPhone will be the gateway between the Ear Clip, the Cloud and reports essential diet information to the user.

Slim Bracelet/Pin: When not wearing the ear clip, users can simply snap it in to a slim bracelet or pin, designed by BitBite, so that they will always have it with them.

BitBite Cloud: A cloud-based server for processing and analyzing user's eating patterns.

With BitBite's real-time diet coacher, users have an assistant -- helping them meet their dietary goals by receiving smart advice derived from previously tracked eating habits. Tapping into 'hearables' at the threshold of a surging industry, BitBite is at the forefront with a sound, smart technology that will help consumers in a way like never before.

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About BitBite
BitBite is the first wearable device that uses an Automatic Dietary Recording System (ADRS) to monitor and improve how you eat. BitBite is a revolutionary patent-pending, modern-designed, ultra-comfort ear piece that monitors the users eating pace, quantity, frequency and location. It aggregates this information using real-time data analysis and pattern recognition technology to create a comprehensive overview of how you eating, showing you how to improve eating patterns. BitBite enhances eating awareness, giving you better control of your diet.