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Getec's Turnkey Thermal Management Solutions Unlocks Aluminum's Potential

Getec Industrial provides a tip sheet on what to look for to choose aluminum for extrusion profiles over other metals.


Torrance, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/03/2014 --Getec Industrial promotes the use of aluminum for extrusion profiles. Deciding between the best metal solutions for any project may be confusing. Traditional metal working solutions call for either aluminum, rolled steel, or copper extrusions.

Aluminum, rolled steel and copper each have equal pros and cons. Getec Industrial,, aluminum extrusions profiles company professionals, say aluminum extrusions out perform other metals and saves money.

Here's a few tips to keep in mind on how aluminum is the best choice:

1. Take strength and endurance, for example. Rolled steel is stronger and has high mechanical properties. However, the material's weight makes it rather difficult to use and maneuver. Copper doesn't even make it to the competition, as it is weak and has little mechanical use.

However, custom aluminum extrusion manufacturers,, at Getec say raw aluminum is lightweight. It proves just as strong and durable as rolled steel.

2. Aluminum also proves itself in other arenas. One area includes thermal and electrical conduction and corrosive resistance. Rolled steel does not conduct heat or electricity well, and copper is just as conductive as aluminum.

In fact, this is one of the reasons thermal management solutions company, Getec,, and clients prefer aluminum as the right solution. It's not just aluminum that makes the difference. Getec doesn't use scrap metal like many of its competitors. They use pure, raw aluminum extrusion to make the top of the line metal products.

Senior Vice President and COO, Hart N. Cardozo, III, said, "By controlling the raw material aspect of our business and casting only premium billet, Getec takes charge of the market's raw material element. Getec will now use only premium while our competition continues to use substandard billet or commercial grade. The outcome is a superior quality heat sink, which increases the thermal conductivity of our products, thus raising the bar."

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