SpawnCandy Entertainment

Gamers Socially Buzzing Around the Announcement of Development

A social media wave has begun as gamers across 4 countries unite to complete the project. With a launch date officially announced and a team in place working behind the scenes, SpawnCandy is finally becoming a reality.


Knoxville, TN -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/08/2014 --As of November 15th 2014 the highly anticipated website has entered into the development stages with a planned launch date of March 15th 2015. Ordinarily when a games media and news website launches it rarely has a specific niche that separates it from the hundreds of other gaming news websites that are saturating the world wide web. Many of these websites are merely template based news aggregator's with game affiliated graphics implemented. has promise to be one of the only potential mainstream gaming media and news outlets created completely in custom coding and freelance styled for today's gamer.

With the likes of Machinima, n4g, and ign dominating the online gaming news niche SpawnCandy would appear to have a long road ahead to compete in the world of "big money" gaming entertainment. However with enhanced functionality and original concepts being implemented into their road to mainstream might not be that long at all. With some of the best freelance developers available on their team they have made multiple announcements on specific features that will be implemented into that is not offered on any other gaming website worldwide. Features such as built in live streaming through their go live network, professional gaming ladders, world class media and news as well as girl gamer's only sections.

About SpawnCandy
The SpawnCandy Entertainment network promises to combine one feature benefit from all of the top gaming websites in the world. Their goal is to provide a superior product in each category pertaining to media, news, and live streaming.